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DRM causes mass Pirate

Posted by ballightning on September 14, 2008

During the period between Wednesday and Thursday more then 35,000 copies of Spore were allegedly downloaded says Forbes, with the total downloads reaching 170,000, and for a game with such expectations this was not unpredicted. But getting to that number this quickly is unexpected, and the rate of downloading from Wednesday to Thursday is attention grabbing, Forbes writes. This coincides with the mass rage at Amazon about the DRM. One user on Pirate Baysaid that it was right to download it illegally as it shows EA that they should get rid of the DRM.

“By downloading this torrent, you are doing the right thing,” wrote one user going by the name of “deathkitten” on the popular file-sharing site The Pirate Bay. “You are letting [Electronic Arts] know that people won’t stand for their ridiculously draconian ‘DRM’ viruses.”
“You have the power to make this the most pirated game ever, to give corporate bastards a virtual punch in the face,” deathkitten added in another comment.

 However, EA in a statement says that the percentage of users installing on more than one computer is less than 25 percent, and less than 1 percent install on more than two machines.


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