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EA finally responds to DRM uproar

Posted by ballightning on September 15, 2008

EA representative Mariam Sughayer has stated that only 1 percent of people playing spore try to install it on a third computer. And that EA has not changed their policy for the DRM service saying “EA has not changed our basic DRM copy protection system.” But when could we only install The Sims 2 three times?

“We simply changed the copy protection method from using the physical media, which requires authentication every time you play the game by requiring a disc in the drive, to one which uses a one-time online authentication,” she went on to tell Gamasutra, comparing the DRM system to iTunes, which only allows you to play your purchases tracks on a limited number of PCs.

“You can install the game on three computers – at your office, at home or for your family. What you can’t do is make and distribute a thousand copies online,” added Sughayer.

But there has already been 170,000 copies distributed online by last thursday and that number has likely increased to over 250,000. Many on the pirating website The Pirate Bay said that they would have bought the game if it wasn’t for DRM, so was it worth for EA to try and stop something which couldn’t be stopped? Probably not, and now it may never become the game it could’ve.


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