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EA listens to Spore’s DRM critics

Posted by ballightning on September 15, 2008

After more then 2000 people voiced their anger at EA Games for putting the DRM on Spore, limiting to 3 installs, it seems the EA executives have woken up and on the up and coming C&C: Red Alert 3 you will no longer required to have the CD to play. In addition it will allow two more installs, the game will also require a one time online authentication.  We hope this is the first step of many for EA to improve on their DRM service which some at Amazon are calling Draconian in nature.

Premier Executive Producer Chris Corry responded to Spore’s backlash and wrote on EA’s official support forums that Red Alert 3 would ease up on its copy protection.

In his closing paragraphs, Chris Corry said of the issue, “Red Alert 3 is shaping up to be a world-class RTS game that will give you many hours of enjoyment. I think it would be a shame if people decided to not play a great game simply because it came with DRM, but I understand that this is a very personal decision for many of you and I respect that. As you might imagine, I’m a lot less respectful of those people who take the position that they will illegally download a game simply because it has DRM.


For more on the story head over to IGN.


One Response to “EA listens to Spore’s DRM critics”

  1. degbunke said

    DRM is not a “service”, it’s a hard bitch slap in the face of all of us who pay for our games.

    So, RA3 will have “two more installs” – that means five installs then. Which also means I won’t buy RA3 either.

    Because of the DRM crap I now can’t play either Spore or RA3. Which is really sad because I’m sure I would’ve loved them both, but I don’t support the copy “protection” called DRM. No DRM game will ever end up in my computer.

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