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Spore a hit on BitTorrent

Posted by ballightning on September 15, 2008

Spore,re has climbed the charts, but not the ones that EA games wants. Spore has skyrocketed to a place no other game has ever held on The Pirate Bay, being the most downloaded item in the last 24 hours. it also hit #1 torrented game on MiniNovawith over 6,000 seeds and 21,000 leechers – numbers many thousands more than other games. Spore is also the most active game torrent on isoHunt, with a similarly dramatic 1st place lead.

Never has there been such a backlash against DRM, not even the incident when it was discovered that a select number of Sony CDs had installed hidden DRM software known as rootkits in October 2005. So whats special about spore? Well the fact that it has been probably the most hyped up game this year, and then got smacked with strict DRM, limiting installs to a maximum of 3 computers. But we’ll see how things pan out, for more on this head over to Slyck News.


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