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Spore the most pirated game ever.

Posted by ballightning on September 16, 2008

Spore is set to become the most pirated game ever, taking the title from EA’s best seller The Sims. We reported last week that it had already been downloaded over 170,000 times in just under 2 weeks, that number has now climbed to over 500,000 and looks set to break the 1,000,000 record which no game has ever reached. Crysis, the most anticipated game for 2007, only managed to reach 420,000 in comparison. We also reported that Spore hit the #1 downloaded item on The Pirate Bay but since then it has stayed in the #1 spot, which for any pirated item is rare, but for a computer game is unheard of.

DRM has never stopped the game from being put up onto pirating sites, all it does is limit legitimate customers who have bought the game then can only install it three times.

So what does this mean for Spore? EA has lost a huge number of customers just from the DRM issue, but one thing going for Spore is that it is incredible popular, whether from normal buyers or people downloading it illegally.

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One Response to “Spore the most pirated game ever.”

  1. GMIK said

    I waited for years for this game, so naturally, before going out and wasting 65 bucks on it before i know if it lives up to the hype, i pirated it. After thorough review of the game i am proud to say that this is a game worth my money. now i will go pay 65 well spent dollars on an awesome game. alot of games out there, despite the work that goes into them, are poorly designed, are very linear, and produce no further interest once you beat the game. Spore keeps you interested in the game long beyond the regular 6 to 40 hours of storyline gameplay. I do however see alot of room for expansion, though im pretty sure that was intentional so as to expand in installments. they probably have the pot boiling over full of ideas. this fully needs to be MMO though… single player sucks balls compared to MMO. if they could make a server where the galaxy was billions and billions of stars in the galaxy (like it really is) that would be awesome. pirate, rate, buy or dont buy. EA can suck a dick.

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