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The man behind Spores unique music

Posted by ballightning on September 18, 2008

According to a report on Rolling Stone‘s Rock & Roll Daily blog, Eno contributed music for the soundtrack to Spore, here is an extract of their article.

With games like Grand Theft Auto, Rock Band and Guitar Hero tripping over each other to license as much music as possible, at least one eagerly anticipated game is going in the opposite direction. When playing Spore, the latest brainchild of Sim City mastermind Will Wright, gamers won’t hear any songs they know. In fact, they won’t hear the same song twice.

Spore simulates the evolution of creatures from single-cell organisms through the space age, so the changes start at the very beginning: make your creature an aggressive carnivore, and the music will be noticeably different from that of a plant-eating species. The uses procedural music, meaning that the music a player hears will develop and mutate along with their style of play. Iconic producer Brian Eno was brought in to provide much of these tracks.

According to Kent Jolly, audio director for Maxis/Electronic Arts, Eno understood the concept and was on board immediately. “In the first phone conversations with him, he really got the idea that the music was always changing, that it would be procedural, and he was really excited about it,” Jolly said. “Within a week of talking to him, without having set up anything, he sent us a full CD or more of stuff, and some of it was made right then, not just things he found on his computer, which was pretty amazing.”

For the rest of the article head over to Rolling Stone’s Blog.


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