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Will Wright: Spore 2 and expansions

Posted by ballightning on September 19, 2008

MTV has released the remainder of their interview with Will Wright, talking about Spore 2, possible expansions including additional stages and other will wright games.

Multiplayer: How do you see “Spore” evolving or developing as a franchise? Should people assume this will follow a “Sims”-like track with expansions followed by significant sequels? Or is this something you feel is more standalone as a platform?

Will Wright: We’re going to be extending “Spore” maybe more horizontally than “The Sims” where the “Sims” was being sold to the same customers over and over who had the game. I think with “Spore” we have a lot of opportunities that are broader where we can create other games around the editors, for instance, or take certain levels in the game and put them on other platforms. With “Spore” we’ll be looking at a wider range of expansion possibilities than “The Sims.” A lot of these may not even be things for people who didn’t buy the PC game, like downloading the creature creator.

Multiplayer: Would you also be injecting, say, a new stage in between the existing stages? Is that what you think this design enables?

Wright: I’m not sure we would add a new stage, but we might add into existing stages things we left out for whatever reason — or flesh out existing stages more thoroughly to make a stage deeper or for more of a gamer audience. I think one thing is, whenever possible, we want to make all these things content-compatible [across multiple platforms].

Multiplayer: I was wondering, while playing “Spore” if “Spore 2″ would be not just me creating my creatures but creating the gameplay of evolution or something like that.

Wright: Yeah, and without getting too specific, it’s easy to give players a parametric system. It’s much trickier to give them an algorithmic system.

For the rest of the article head over to MTV


2 Responses to “Will Wright: Spore 2 and expansions”

  1. jamie Burgess said

    I have been thinkin about spore and how much better it could have been. Why did you take the water stage out in the first place. it could have made the game allot more intense. the space stage i find boring aswell because it deosnt feel like im in the space stage. maybe if you added nebula’s and black holes that ter the planets and solar systems to shreds then i would have felt like im in space.this is a question for Will Wright, if he ever made spore 2 in the future why deosnt he make it so that the game has a more intense feeling to it so you really do feel like you are controling how the universe is shaped and so that in the space stage you dont just explore the milky way but explore other galaxies like andromeda galaxy and even the entire universe. if he can do that then i think it would be the best game ever created by a game designer. THANKS FOR LISTENING TO WHAT I HAVE TO SAY ON THE FUTURE OF SPORE.

  2. Zachary Esquibel said

    best idea of ever heard for spore 2 an inter galactic stage were you can travel across the great voids in space and visit other galaxies. i also admire your idea of nebulas and black holes that can tear planets apart the should also add dying stars like supernovas and add make it to where the nebulas turn into solar systems

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