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Rumor: Retailers Reveal Spore Expansion

Posted by ballightning on October 4, 2008

The first expansion for Electronic Arts’ Spore will hit shelves on November 18, assuming second-hand reports of the expansion’s appearance on online retailers are anything to go by.

Some sites including Hooked on Spore are reporting that a mysterious Spore expansion dubbed the Cute & Creepy Parts Pack popped up on both Gamestop and Amazon websites earlier today with a retail price of $20.

The listing has since been removed.

Wired attempted to contact EA for an official confirmation or denial, but representatives for the firm were quick to reply with the standard “we don’t respond to rumor and speculation.”

Still, with the amount of cash EA made from Spore and the certainty that an expansion for the game will be released at some point, the Cute & Creepy Parts Pack doesn’t seem too implausible.

First addon sneaks up at online game shops [Hooked On Spore]


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