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Spore Expansion: Creepy and Cute

Posted by ballightning on October 13, 2008

Spore Expansion

Spore Expansion

Last week, something called Spore Creepy & Cute Parts Pack – an expansion for Sporeappeared on Amazon and Gamestop’s online catalogues before being quickly taken down. Well, the listing is back up now along with a date, a price, and box art.

Creepy & Cute Parts Pack will be shipped on November 18th and will cost $19.95. There is no information yet on what the expansion will include. The EA Store does display the box art for Creepy & Cute though.

It’s logical to assume from the expansion’s title that the pack will add new body parts for you to add to your creature. Is that it, though? A twenty buck price tag, nearly half the price of the full game, does suggest a sizable chunk of new content. Maybe it’s just an ass-ton of new creature parts? We’ll see in November.


One Response to “Spore Expansion: Creepy and Cute”

  1. shardinc said

    i hope it includes cyborg stuff like the grox or im not gettong lol

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