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EA boss: I hate DRM, but nobody cares about it

Posted by ballightning on October 15, 2008

Spores release has been overshadowed by the DRM saga. Now EA’s boss John Riccitiello has come out saying that he hates DRM, saying that it interrupts the user experience, so why doesn’t he get rid of it, he does control EA right?

I personally don’t like DRM. It interrupts the user experience. We would like to get around that. But there is this problem called piracy out there.

Ah, piracy. Well Spore was one of the most pirated game ever, so it really did help didn’t it, but wait, John Riccitiello says that only 0.2% are effected by DRM, and that over 99.8% will not be effected by it.

We implemented a form of DRM and it’s something that 99.8 percent of users wouldn’t notice. But for the other .2 percent, it became an issue and a number of them launched a cabal online to protest against it.

But if it doesn’t effect many people, why was it probably the largest uproar against DRM in history? Maybe it would be better to have a balance, because it is obvious that Spore’s DRM has only increased piracy, not reducing it as EA hoped.


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