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Next Patch Coming Soon

Posted by ballightning on October 15, 2008

SporeMasterNu merator on the Spore forum in this thread has said that a new patch for spore will be coming soon, which will include the long awaited multiple screen names. Here is what Spore’s team has said:

We have been listening to the reports of issues on this board and to Customer Support and we will be putting out another patch very, very soon. The patch is of course free and should fix the major issues some players are experiencing. We will release it as soon as it’s been certified by testing. I know that you’ve waiting and we really appreciate your patience. It’s going to be out very soon as soon as it’s been certified.

This patch will be mainly focused on fixing the critical bugs some users are seeing. We’ll post a full list of fixes when the patch is released.

As Lucy said in this thread, http://forum.spore.com/jforum/posts/list/2897.pagewe will be releasing the ability to add multiple Screen Names to a Spore Online Account on our website very soon but that new feature will be released outside of this patch once it’s fully tested.

We will continue to look at issues people are seeing and are trying to respond as fast as we can.


One Response to “Next Patch Coming Soon”

  1. nerd10101 said

    I can’t wait until the patch that lets you share the game with other peoples.

    Since I went to your blog why don’t you go to mine ^-^


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