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Spore Failed Science

Posted by ballightning on October 24, 2008

Science Mag over the last month has got four scientists together to rate Spore on its science credential. They have revealed that Spore has only managed to achieve one rating of A. Below is the full list of what the scienceguild gave Spore, enjoy! Please feel free to comment about it.

The CELL and CREATURE stages

Organismic biology: D-

  • Cell biology: D
  • Genetics: F
  • Development and reproduction: D

Evolutionary processes: F

  • Evolution as fact: B
  • Mutation and variation: F
  • Natural selection: F
  • Sexual selection: F
  • Genetic drift: F
  • Historical contingency: D
  • Constraints: D
  • Evolutionary history: D


Cultural anthropology: C-

Sociology: B+
The SPACE stage

Astrophysics overall grade: B

  • laws of physics: C
  • cosmology: B
  • galactic structure: A
  • stellar evolution: B
  • planetary science: C

Astrobiology overall grade: C

  • origin of life: D
  • planet habitability: B
  • distribution of life in the universe: C
  • extra terrestrial intelligence: C

4 Responses to “Spore Failed Science”

  1. Voskhod said

    So what? Fun > Science. =D

  2. anonymous said

    your an idiot voskhod, almost no one who was originaly interested in spore enjoyed what EA shat out, not only is it not science in a box as promised, it plays like a boring fucking MMORPG
    go back to your fucking wowtastic “kill 8 gynoids” missions, faggot.

  3. Dr John said

    Spore is a game that was supposed to be all science, which would of been awesome as most people were hooked on that concept from the 2006 demo. Even Creature Creator was a good hook as we got a hands on experience on the mechanics of the game. But then it cam out and what did we get?

    A bright kids version of pac-man, a crap version of WoW, a cutsy Rise of Nations and Galactic Civilisations for idiots.

    • The creator of life said

      I know that spore is a poorly made childish game, with the lack of pure natural graphics and awe inspiring adventures, but I have a feeling that there will be a new spore game dedicating it to science. newly improved graphics will make you think as if you are in the dawn of time and controlling life inself as if you are God himself. Not to worry, this game will be improved many times in the near future. I can’t wait!!!

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