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Spore #20 Invention of 2008

Posted by ballightning on November 4, 2008

Times magizine has listed the top 100 inventions of 2008, ranking spore as the 20th most influential invention this year.

It’s blasphemy, brilliance or both to take the entire evolution of a species — from a single-celled animalcule in a drop of water to a space-faring, galaxy-exploring sentient being — and turn it into a video game. But that’s exactly what Will Wright has done. Wright is the man who created The Sims, a game about everyday life in suburbia, but apparently he found the vast panorama of human experience too confining, because he then spent seven years creating Spore, in which players design their own life-form and then manage every aspect of its progress through the centuries, from savagery to civilization.

Whatever it is, the video game has gone down in history as a game which did what no other game has ever done, playing god. It may not be up to scratch for what hardcore gamers want, but no matter whether you liked the game or not, it is one which achieved what no other game has ever gone for.


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