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New York Times – Interesting facts about Will Wright

Posted by ballightning on November 22, 2008

Will Wright would probably have one of the most interesting biographies, considering he is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, game developers ever. We don’t have a biography yet, but here are some real neat facts about Will Wright from the New York Times.

Favorite game he didn’t design: It’s a call between Civilization and Grand Theft Auto. One makes you think of history in a different way. The other is a playground where you can wreak havoc and don’t have to clean up afterward.

Hobby: Well, I did BattleBots for many years. It’s a competition in which remote-controlled robots fight one another. I’ve built more than 10 of those robots.

Fitness routine: I broke my arm last year. Occasionally, I’ll do weights to get my arms back in balance. I have one 20-pound weight.

Worst thing about job: It’s so easy to come up with a cool idea, and it takes so long to manifest it well. I worked on Spore for about seven years. The first two years were me doing research.

His private Spore game: I’ve been trying to beat Spore on the hardest setting. I’ve gotten deep into it, to the spaceship phase, to the center of the universe. I am now building a long, slow campaign to colonize different galaxies.

Read what else he has to say


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