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Spore: Galactic Adventures

Posted by ballightning on December 26, 2008


This page is out of date, for the largest collection of info on Galactic Adventure go to the link below:

Everything you need to know about the Spore expansion: Galactic Adventure, including the latest release dates, news, previews, videos and much more!









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Spore also available on Steam Europe

Posted by ballightning on December 26, 2008

As of now Spore is also available via Steam Europe according to WorthPlaying and GameIndustry.

Snoopy by Schmoe345

Source: SpaceOddity’sSporeBlog

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Spore Modding Newsletter: December Edition

Posted by ballightning on December 25, 2008

Create your own spore parts!

This month saw the release of SporeMaster v2, which includes the incredible ability to create your own parts! Void spent much of his time trying to get it to work and what a great job he has done. Here is the first ever non-Maxis made part. Even though it is just glasses, this is one huge stepping stone for modding. But what if you want to create your own parts, well Void has create 2 great tutorials, one on how to make a part and one on how to make a new texture. To make a new part, blender, python 2.5.2 and sporemaster are needed.

Mod Tutorials

With the rapid increase in modding activity in the last two weeks there has been many people asking for tutorials on how to mod spore using SporeMaster. Here is a list of helpfull tutorials for spore modding:

How to Install Mods
How to edit mod text!
How-To: Annotate and remark code for reference.
How-To: Convert Ammo based items to re-usable ones.
How to make a new Spore part (link 2)

Hacked Creation sparks modding debate

DFStormbringer started a raging debate on the official spore forums when he proved that a featured creation had hacked the game. The creation, a colosseum, was 3 times over the level of complexity Maxis had as a limit. This debate expanded into one about mods in spore. Maxis did come into the debate and un-featured the colosseum, stating “Our team is looking into better ways to detect if a creation has been illegally altered so that we can avoid featuring it. In the mean time, letting us know on the forums is the best way to rectify the situation. The feature has been removed from the Colloseum creation.” It seems Maxis has taken the line that only featured creations will require the complexity limit. While the debate still rages, the real question is Maxis willing to let people mod spore.

SporeMaster 2 Released

The latest spore modding tool, SporeMaster v2,  has arrived with many new features. The largest change is the ability to pack .rw4 model and texture files with packages. This allow the ability to create totally new parts. However Void is still working on animation, which SporeMaster v2 does not support. Along side this, SporeMaster also allows you to view the images and models in the program. This is especially handy for the creation of new items. Void has also created 2 fantastic guides on how to create a part and how to make a texture.

Mods Releases

Title: Any Tool on Any Planet (version 2.1)
Author Name: Wintacular
Thread: here
File Link: Normal (Infinite Ammo)

Title: No anger Galactic Code
Author Name: Mettra
Thread: Here
File Link: Here

Title: Grox Destroyed Likability
Author Name: Mettra
Thread: Here
File Link: Here

Title: No anger at all
Author Name: Mettra
Thread: Here
File Link: Here (Grox only version)

Title: Harder Tribe Stage
Author Name: Nineballfool
Thread:  Here
File Link: Here

Title: More Colony/Planet Spice Storage 1.0
Author Name: Ixosis
Thread:  Here
File Link: More Colony Spice x2, More Planet Spice x2

Title: Glide for-almost-ever 1.0 (BETA)
Author Name: Ixosis
Thread:  Here
File Link: Longer Flight!

Title: Food for Thought! 1.0
Author Name: Ixosis
Thread:  Here
File Link: 1 DNA point, 2 DNA points, 5 DNA points, 300 DNA points

Title: Staff of Life renamed to Genesis Device Ver.2
Author Name : Link-117
File LinkNormal, Unlimited Ammo

Title: Improved Any Tool on Any Planet+Unlimited Ammo+Interstellar Freedom+Staff of Life Rename Ver.4
Author Name: Link-117
File LinkNormal, Overpowered

Title: SupermegaAwesomeness – v9.0
Author Name: Owned pk
Thread:  Here
File Link: Here (at Mediafile)

Title: AnEpic v1.0
Author Name: Owned pk
Thread:  Here
File Link:  Here (at Mediafile

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Merry Christmas!

Posted by ballightning on December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas from us here at Sporedum, we hope you have a great holidays and we hope to see you in the new year!

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Buddy Browser! A new way to browse Spore creations

Posted by ballightning on December 24, 2008

Maxis have just created a new way of browsing your buddies creations!


We’ve been working on a cool new way of browsing the Spore universe.
Introducing, the Buddy Browser.

Some quick instructions:
Type your Spore User Name and see your creations.
Your buddies will begin floating by as planets. Click buddies to check out their stuff and their buddies!
Try clicking on the nebulae in the sky. They lead to “special planets”
Double click a creation to open it’s Large Card in the Sporepedia

Here’s a screenshot:

Interested in creating your own web apps?
The Buddy Browser was created with Spore feeds and web services that are publicly available!
Get started at the Spore Developer’s Corner

Stay tuned for more Spore Developer goodies

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Spore on Steam, No DRM

Posted by ballightning on December 21, 2008


Update: MaxisCactus on the Spore Forums has stated that there is no SecoROM in the download.

It appears that the rumors of Spore on Steam has proven to be true. EA released a handful of games today to be made available on Valve’s Steam platform with such hits as Spore, Spore Creepy & Cute,

Over the next few weeks, Mirror’s Edge, Dead Space and Red Alert 3 will show up.

“EA is one of the industry’s largest publishers,” said Gabe Newell, co-founder and president of Valve. “The EA titles coming to Steam this holiday include some this year’s top PC titles.”

“We are pleased to extend our holiday titles to gamers worldwide via Steam — a revolutionary technology that is one of the game industry’s most successful digital distribution services,” said John Pleasants, President, Global Publishing & Chief Operating Officer.

So what does this mean with EA’s DRM? Are they still planning to keep SecuROM on their games? I don’t have an answer for you yet…But if I recall correctly a few of the games on Steam do infact come with SecuROM. So if I had to guess, it probably still contains the crappy.

If only EA would let Steam’s DRM handle things…Well…hopefully this means we won’t have to fool around with the EA Downloader anymore!

Source: VooDoo Extreme

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Make a Spore Sculpture

Posted by ballightning on December 19, 2008

Make a Spore Sculpture 

Bring your favorite Spore creature into the real world with Spore Sculptor, and own a one-of-a-kind collectible figurine of your creation. Check it out at www.sporesculptor.com 

Check out this example of a Spore creature as a 3D print: 

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Spore De-Authorization Tool Now Available!

Posted by ballightning on December 17, 2008

The De-Authorization tool is finally here!


In recognition of player feedback regarding DRM and SecuROM on Spore, Maxis is offering a standalone download so that users can now “de-authorize” a computer if they would like to make that authorize available for another machine. 

Machines can be de-authorized or re-authorized at any time. The total number of machines on which Spore can be authorized concurrently will continue to be five. To de-authorize a PC download and launch Spore_deauth.zip and run the Spore De-Authorization Tool.exe file. 

You can de-authorize at any time, even without uninstalling Spore, and free up that machine authorization. If you re-launch Spore on the same machine, the game will attempt to re-authorize. If you have not reached the machine limitation, the game will authorize and the machine will be re-authorized using up one of the five available machines. 

Thanks everyone for your feedback, we hope you find this tool useful. 



Q: My computer died at the end of October and I had to buy a new one, well is there a way to deauthorize that old PC with this tool? Or does it only work for the current installation? 
A: It only works with the current machine. Only CS can “clear” the old authorization. You can contact our CS team by clicking here. 

Q: If I get a new graphics card and stuff can I use this before that then how do I re-authorize the “new” comp? 
A: Yes, run the de-authorize tool, install the new card then just start Spore again (all while online) and a fresh license will be automatically created. 

Q: I am upgrading my system in the new year, New motherboard and Quadcore . I am keeping the same Harddrive and video card. WIll I have to de authorize even though the hard drive is the same or is this not required? 
A: It would be best to de-authorize before you do the upgrade, then just start Spore again and that will ensure that you don’t lose an authentication. 

Q: Is there a mac version available? 
A: We don’t currently have a Mac version available. 

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Spore to soon hit Steam?

Posted by ballightning on December 17, 2008

Rumors are flying, watch out!  Earlier today, there was some buzz at the official Steam forums that proof was found of Spore: Creepy & Cute was on the Steam Servers.  However, it’s been removed and the thread has been deleted.  But SimPrograms did happen to come across Spore’s EULA on the Steam website, so something has to be brewing…



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Results from the Spore Holiday Contest 2008

Posted by ballightning on December 17, 2008

The results are in from Maxis’ Spore Holiday 2008 Contest!  GameDaily features the winners and the runner ups in which you can find by clicking here.   Congrats to Slartibartfast38 for his ‘Christmas Morning at the Claus’design!


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Will Wright at Spikes VGA

Posted by ballightning on December 17, 2008

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Will Wright’s next “secret” project

Posted by ballightning on December 16, 2008

“I’m working on a big new project that I’m very excited about, but I don’t want to talk about it yet because if it takes three years to come out I don’t want people saying ‘Wow, he’s been talking about that for a loooong time.’”

So what will it be? Spore 2, or something very different? We can all hope that he doesn’t hype it as much as he did spore, but that looks very unlikely. And off course we hope that it is a good game, one which does not have EA taking everything out.


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SporeMaster v2 is here!

Posted by ballightning on December 12, 2008

SporeMaster version 2 is here with many new possibilities, the most prominent is the one of creating totally new parts. Thanks very much to Void at SporeMods to create this amazing modding tool!




Key Features:

  • Unpacking and packing of .package files, with automatic conversion of .prop files to and from .xml. files.xml is no longer necessary.
  • NEW: Packing of .rw4 (RenderWare 4) model and texture files (from OGRE3D XML format and DDS format respectively) with packages, making part creation possible for the first time. Unpacking of these files is currently very limited. Part animations are not yet supported.
  • XML property files are more user-friendly than in previous mod tools, using names instead of hashes where possible. NEWXML files are order-independent.
  • Full text indexing of .xml and .locale files in the unpacked package, to permit very fast incremental search. NEW: Search for keywords separated by spaces or “literal phrases”.
  • Side-by-side comparison of file tree in Spore and the mod under development. One-click execution of WinMerge to see and edit changes in an individual file.
  • Built in syntax highlighting editor.
  • NEW: Image and model viewers.
  • Tools for guessing the original names for hashes and for creating friendly aliases for hashes that can’t be guessed (or that were randomly generated by EA). The “Hash Guesser” tries more than 250 billion possible names for a given hash, providing you with a list of possible original names to choose from. When a new name is found the unpacked files are automatically updated.

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EA shot itself in the foot with spore

Posted by ballightning on December 11, 2008

Gamesradar has created a list of games that have shot themselves in the foot, ruining themselves with stupidity. Spore is one of these with the main focus of this article on the secoRom issue.


Strange how one wrong decision can so spectacularly foul things up, isn’t it? For a couple of years, Spore was the darling of the gaming community. A brand new Sim Everything with epic scope and UGC tools of hitherto unheard of power and versatility. But then EA decided that instead of letting us buy it, it was going to essentially give us a long term loan of the game by way of a SecuROM DRM install limit. For the full retail price.

Above: Spore’s civilisation-building gameplay built an empire alright. AN EMPIRE OF CRIME!

It seemed EA didn’t want people really owning Spore, and fortuitously for them, the people decided the very same thing. They downloaded the crap out of it instead. After a massive internet backlash EA generously extended the limitations, figuring that after paying to be in actual, legal possession of the game, players might, just maybe, like more than three installs ever for their money. But by that time the most promising game of the past couple of years had been turned into a bitter-tasting debacle. And the piracy which EA was so keen to avoid? Spore is now officially the most illegally downloaded game of 2008, clocking in 1.7 million rip-offs. Some games are happy to even sell that many. Oh, and there are two class-action lawsuits on the way to the publisher now too. Good work EA. Glad it all worked out for you in the end.

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Spore Origins 2nd most innovative mobile game: 2008

Posted by ballightning on December 11, 2008

Spore Origins has come 2nd in PocketsGamer most innovative mobile games of 2008. Only topped by Reset Generation, Spore Origins was innovative, PocketGamer said, due to its unique system of upgrading your creature then having online battles with other creatures from Spore Origins. The iPhone version had even more innovation with the ability to take photos and use that as your skin for your creature.


The big mobile publishers are often accused of pushing brands without trying to innovate, butSpore Origins was one of the titles proving that thesis wrong. Sensibly opting against trying to cram the entire Spore PC game into mobile form, EA Mobile focused on the relatively simple cell stage of the game.

But the innovation came with the connectivity in the Java version, allowing players to customise their spore throughout the game, then upload it to EA’s server and fight asynchronous battles against those of other players – complete with a website tracking their stats.

Meanwhile, the iPhone edition of the game innovated in a different way, allowing players to take photos with the camera, and use those as the texture for their spore. We spent probably as much time warping strange snaps as we did playing the game. It was a simple feature, but hugely addictive. Read review



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