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Spore’s SecuROM lawsuits are progressing

Posted by ballightning on December 4, 2008

We haven’t heard much news about the SecuROM lately, however Edge Online has reported that even through Melissa Thomas, the representative plaintiff in a class action lawsuit against EA, had voluntarily dismissed her case on November 18, that lawsuit will continue.

“She chose this path in order to take a speedier route. … She still desires to be a representative plaintiff and prosecute her case,” said Scott Kamber with KamberEdelson, LLC.

Kamber’s firm, which was also the lead counsel in the case surrounding the infamous Sony root-kit, is in the process of consolidating cases that have been filed in the Bay Area so they can be heard by the same judge “as a matter of efficiency.” Thomas’ case is part of this consolidation.

Kamber also touched base his views of DRM stating the following:

“We’re not saying there shouldn’t be DRM or that there can’t be DRM. What our clients are saying and what our firm is saying on behalf of its clients is that disclosures are required. Consumers have a right to make an educated decision about what goes on their computers. Software that can potentially harm peoples’ computers, etc., is just not acceptable unless an adequate disclosure is made.

“There are people out there that say this type of DRM is not appropriate, some people say ‘deal with it, reformat your hard drive.’ But people who use their computers for work, which many people do, or for people that use them just for games, it’s a tremendous burden to reformat a hard drive.

“In reality, just because you buy a game and want to play it doesn’t mean you’re agreeing to have your hard drive or computer held hostage by the game companies so they can protect their own intellectual property rights.”

If I come across any new information on this matter, I’ll be bringing it straight here.


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