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Interview with head of Spore Origins

Posted by ballightning on December 6, 2008

EA Mobile Newsletter sat down with Scott Humphries, head developer of Spore Origins.


Q: Tell us all about the mobile version of SPORE:
A: The mobile version of SPORE focuses on the cell phase of evolution. We’re supporting hundreds of handsets at launch, from low-end devices, to high-end smart phones. Our goal was to create a really fun experience across ALL of these devices worldwide.

Q: What’s a cool mobile-specific feature?
A: We’ve included a version of the creature creator in our game that also allows you to customize your creature in millions of different ways.

Q: What’s the goal of the game?
A: The goal of the game is really simple: eat as much food as you can, while avoiding predators. 

Q: What’s the best part overall?
A: Once you finish the single player game, you’ll be able to share the creatures you’ve created online to battle friends. You’ll be able to challenge buddies on your handset or on the web, no matter where you are!

Q: Will there be the opportunity to present the creatures you created to other gamers?
A: Totally. That’s where Arena mode comes in. Since one of the other main focuses of the PC game was user-generated content and our platform is ALWAYS connected, we wanted to make sure to tap into this strategy in some way. We thought it would be cool to take the creatures you made in Evolution mode and trade them with friends to watch them battle. So we created a networked version of the game where you can battle friends directly from your handset and a community site (spore.eamobile.com) where you could battle friends by transferring your creature manually using DNA codes. Each creature fights uniquely with their AI emerging from the parts you added to them in Evolution. There’s a Flash interface on the website where you can watch your creatures fight it out and each player can store up to 16 different creatures. There’s also a global leader board where you can track your creature’s rankings and battles.

Q: SPORE Origins is also available on the iPhone/iPod touch. What additional features are available on those devices?
A: The iPhone/iPod Touch version of SPORE Origins features a bunch of additional bells and whistles. Those devices are really powerful so the overall presentation from graphics to audio is enhanced. You can also control your creature by tilting the device and edit it by touching the screen. There is also some additional content on the iPhone/iPod Touch version like more levels, creatures, parts, and obstacles for your creature to overcome. If you want to check it out, download the SPORE Origins LE demo from the iTunes App Store for free. I also wanted to mention the game is available for other ?click-wheel? iPods like the 3rd generation Nano and iPod video. The iPod version features enhanced graphics and audio over the mobile version and is great for playing with some great music like when you’re on a long plane ride or waiting at the bus stop. It plays especially well with some ambient electronic music in the background.


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