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Release: Better Spore v1.0 (beta)

Posted by ballightning on December 10, 2008

Better Spore

This mod aims to make spore a better game for a more enjoyable experience. Currently this mod is in beta and will need testing in many areas including bug testing and game balance issues. Please give it a try and give me some feedback. Once again thanks to Void for the creation of SporeMaster, and this mod will move along much more when SporeMaster v1.2 comes out. 

Features – v1.0

  • Difficulty tweaking to make more of a difference between the different levels, overall hard level is harder then before, while easy is easier.
  • Overhaul of spice in spore, making it cheaper and slower to get, also making it more expensive to get trade routes, basically it is now worth the time to do missions and get artifacts.
  • All mission now give you twice as much money
  • NEW FEATURE – Empires which don’t like you as much give you less money for missions, while close friends give you more!
  • Cost to give gifts to empires has doubled
  • More buildings on T1 and T2 planets
  • FEATURE – disasters less often, less attacks by pirates, and invasions by enemies. Buildings to counter these are more effective
  • Getting a collection of artifacts is now worth much more, with the possibility to get over 12 million sporebucks!
  • Pirate ship health increase.


Bug thread/Questions and Answers



– How to install mods.

– Sporedum’s other mods


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