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EA shot itself in the foot with spore

Posted by ballightning on December 11, 2008

Gamesradar has created a list of games that have shot themselves in the foot, ruining themselves with stupidity. Spore is one of these with the main focus of this article on the secoRom issue.


Strange how one wrong decision can so spectacularly foul things up, isn’t it? For a couple of years, Spore was the darling of the gaming community. A brand new Sim Everything with epic scope and UGC tools of hitherto unheard of power and versatility. But then EA decided that instead of letting us buy it, it was going to essentially give us a long term loan of the game by way of a SecuROM DRM install limit. For the full retail price.

Above: Spore’s civilisation-building gameplay built an empire alright. AN EMPIRE OF CRIME!

It seemed EA didn’t want people really owning Spore, and fortuitously for them, the people decided the very same thing. They downloaded the crap out of it instead. After a massive internet backlash EA generously extended the limitations, figuring that after paying to be in actual, legal possession of the game, players might, just maybe, like more than three installs ever for their money. But by that time the most promising game of the past couple of years had been turned into a bitter-tasting debacle. And the piracy which EA was so keen to avoid? Spore is now officially the most illegally downloaded game of 2008, clocking in 1.7 million rip-offs. Some games are happy to even sell that many. Oh, and there are two class-action lawsuits on the way to the publisher now too. Good work EA. Glad it all worked out for you in the end.


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