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Spore Origins 2nd most innovative mobile game: 2008

Posted by ballightning on December 11, 2008

Spore Origins has come 2nd in PocketsGamer most innovative mobile games of 2008. Only topped by Reset Generation, Spore Origins was innovative, PocketGamer said, due to its unique system of upgrading your creature then having online battles with other creatures from Spore Origins. The iPhone version had even more innovation with the ability to take photos and use that as your skin for your creature.


The big mobile publishers are often accused of pushing brands without trying to innovate, butSpore Origins was one of the titles proving that thesis wrong. Sensibly opting against trying to cram the entire Spore PC game into mobile form, EA Mobile focused on the relatively simple cell stage of the game.

But the innovation came with the connectivity in the Java version, allowing players to customise their spore throughout the game, then upload it to EA’s server and fight asynchronous battles against those of other players – complete with a website tracking their stats.

Meanwhile, the iPhone edition of the game innovated in a different way, allowing players to take photos with the camera, and use those as the texture for their spore. We spent probably as much time warping strange snaps as we did playing the game. It was a simple feature, but hugely addictive. Read review




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