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SporeMaster v2 is here!

Posted by ballightning on December 12, 2008

SporeMaster version 2 is here with many new possibilities, the most prominent is the one of creating totally new parts. Thanks very much to Void at SporeMods to create this amazing modding tool!




Key Features:

  • Unpacking and packing of .package files, with automatic conversion of .prop files to and from .xml. files.xml is no longer necessary.
  • NEW: Packing of .rw4 (RenderWare 4) model and texture files (from OGRE3D XML format and DDS format respectively) with packages, making part creation possible for the first time. Unpacking of these files is currently very limited. Part animations are not yet supported.
  • XML property files are more user-friendly than in previous mod tools, using names instead of hashes where possible. NEWXML files are order-independent.
  • Full text indexing of .xml and .locale files in the unpacked package, to permit very fast incremental search. NEW: Search for keywords separated by spaces or “literal phrases”.
  • Side-by-side comparison of file tree in Spore and the mod under development. One-click execution of WinMerge to see and edit changes in an individual file.
  • Built in syntax highlighting editor.
  • NEW: Image and model viewers.
  • Tools for guessing the original names for hashes and for creating friendly aliases for hashes that can’t be guessed (or that were randomly generated by EA). The “Hash Guesser” tries more than 250 billion possible names for a given hash, providing you with a list of possible original names to choose from. When a new name is found the unpacked files are automatically updated.


6 Responses to “SporeMaster v2 is here!”

  1. Matt said

    the download doesn’t work! I tried to dl is and halfway through, it always says that the download is broken. I only get 3 files – dll file, left and right txt files. I can’t look at them of extract them. i have .net 3.5.

  2. ballightning said

    Try getting it through SporeMods website here:

  3. Matt said

    nope. still not working. can you or someone upload it to another site like megaupload or rapidshare(preferably megaupload)?

  4. PurePawya said

    You could just right-click the download link and open it in a new tab.Thats the only way i cant get anything from this site to work for me.

  5. Dave said

    I unpacked, it worked just fine. I tried to edit some stats of the planetbuster in the window, the window is read only. So I had to find the XML file and edit it with WordPad. I changed the text of the planetbuster so that I could hover over it and see if the mod took place. After that I said pack, it packed it fine and put it in C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\SPORE\Data\Locale\en-us but I expected that it would simply pack it under \data\

    Anyways, I loaded the game, nothing was changed at all. I hovered over the planetbuster and it still said the same big badda boom stuff even though I’d edited it in the mod. When I open the mod with SporeMaster it reads it the way I made it, but the game will not.

    I don’t get it.

  6. Paul said

    I want to translate the game to our language. But i don’t know how to do it, because it shows ׆weird characters

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