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Make a Spore Sculpture

Posted by ballightning on December 19, 2008

Make a Spore Sculpture 

Bring your favorite Spore creature into the real world with Spore Sculptor, and own a one-of-a-kind collectible figurine of your creation. Check it out at www.sporesculptor.com 

Check out this example of a Spore creature as a 3D print: 


2 Responses to “Make a Spore Sculpture”

  1. Mur said

    A little too late…

  2. I just tried the service and came away really impressed. I didn’t use any crazy features, but i have the “Spiked Ball” and “Tube Ears” on my character and they came out flawlessly. I had a lot of experience with 3D printers so I knew what to expect, but a lot of the people I showed it to thought it looked “dusty”. All in all it is a great item for technology or Spore enthusiasts, but maybe 5 years too early for the mass market. In any case I would buy more and recommend anyone on the fence to buy one, it is a really cool experience. I have a full review with lots of pictures on my blog:


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