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Spore Modding Newsletter: December Edition

Posted by ballightning on December 25, 2008

Create your own spore parts!

This month saw the release of SporeMaster v2, which includes the incredible ability to create your own parts! Void spent much of his time trying to get it to work and what a great job he has done. Here is the first ever non-Maxis made part. Even though it is just glasses, this is one huge stepping stone for modding. But what if you want to create your own parts, well Void has create 2 great tutorials, one on how to make a part and one on how to make a new texture. To make a new part, blender, python 2.5.2 and sporemaster are needed.

Mod Tutorials

With the rapid increase in modding activity in the last two weeks there has been many people asking for tutorials on how to mod spore using SporeMaster. Here is a list of helpfull tutorials for spore modding:

How to Install Mods
How to edit mod text!
How-To: Annotate and remark code for reference.
How-To: Convert Ammo based items to re-usable ones.
How to make a new Spore part (link 2)

Hacked Creation sparks modding debate

DFStormbringer started a raging debate on the official spore forums when he proved that a featured creation had hacked the game. The creation, a colosseum, was 3 times over the level of complexity Maxis had as a limit. This debate expanded into one about mods in spore. Maxis did come into the debate and un-featured the colosseum, stating “Our team is looking into better ways to detect if a creation has been illegally altered so that we can avoid featuring it. In the mean time, letting us know on the forums is the best way to rectify the situation. The feature has been removed from the Colloseum creation.” It seems Maxis has taken the line that only featured creations will require the complexity limit. While the debate still rages, the real question is Maxis willing to let people mod spore.

SporeMaster 2 Released

The latest spore modding tool, SporeMaster v2,  has arrived with many new features. The largest change is the ability to pack .rw4 model and texture files with packages. This allow the ability to create totally new parts. However Void is still working on animation, which SporeMaster v2 does not support. Along side this, SporeMaster also allows you to view the images and models in the program. This is especially handy for the creation of new items. Void has also created 2 fantastic guides on how to create a part and how to make a texture.

Mods Releases

Title: Any Tool on Any Planet (version 2.1)
Author Name: Wintacular
Thread: here
File Link: Normal (Infinite Ammo)

Title: No anger Galactic Code
Author Name: Mettra
Thread: Here
File Link: Here

Title: Grox Destroyed Likability
Author Name: Mettra
Thread: Here
File Link: Here

Title: No anger at all
Author Name: Mettra
Thread: Here
File Link: Here (Grox only version)

Title: Harder Tribe Stage
Author Name: Nineballfool
Thread:  Here
File Link: Here

Title: More Colony/Planet Spice Storage 1.0
Author Name: Ixosis
Thread:  Here
File Link: More Colony Spice x2, More Planet Spice x2

Title: Glide for-almost-ever 1.0 (BETA)
Author Name: Ixosis
Thread:  Here
File Link: Longer Flight!

Title: Food for Thought! 1.0
Author Name: Ixosis
Thread:  Here
File Link: 1 DNA point, 2 DNA points, 5 DNA points, 300 DNA points

Title: Staff of Life renamed to Genesis Device Ver.2
Author Name : Link-117
File LinkNormal, Unlimited Ammo

Title: Improved Any Tool on Any Planet+Unlimited Ammo+Interstellar Freedom+Staff of Life Rename Ver.4
Author Name: Link-117
File LinkNormal, Overpowered

Title: SupermegaAwesomeness – v9.0
Author Name: Owned pk
Thread:  Here
File Link: Here (at Mediafile)

Title: AnEpic v1.0
Author Name: Owned pk
Thread:  Here
File Link:  Here (at Mediafile


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