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Spore User Testing for Galactic Adventures

Posted by ballightning on January 6, 2009

From MaxisCactus, thread on Spore forums.


Hey Everyone! 

We’ve heard your feedback on our official Space Adventures thread and you’ve got some great ideas! We have another new opportunity for some of you to share your thoughts about the upcoming expansion. Since we’d like to get a sense of how players interact with the game, we’ll be inviting between 4 and 6 Bay Area local players to the Maxis Studio in Emeryville for some user experience testing next week, Jan 13 & 14th. 

Here are the kinds of people we’re looking for: 

• Someone who could arrange to spend about 2 hours at Maxis’ offices in Emeryville, CA on Jan 13 or 14th 

• Someone who has finished at least the Spore Creature stage 

• Someone who has done player-created mods for PC games–not only Spore, but for games such as Starcraft, Counterstrike, Battlefield, etc. 

A small compensation will be given for your time. 

If you’re interested, please send your email address to MaxisSaguaro@Maxis.com 



Also on a side note the spore forums will be down 2am PDT (5am EDT):


Heads up to everyone, our Nucleus applications will be temporarily unavailable tonight around 2:00am PDT. 

During this period, you will be unable to log in to your Spore game, Spore.com, or the Spore forum. You will still be able to access all offline features that do not require login. 

If you’re actively using the site before this downtime, and are logged in, you should not be affected. 

We expect this to be down for about 30 minutes. Thanks for your patience during this brief period. 



4 Responses to “Spore User Testing for Galactic Adventures”

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  3. Kittani said

    Well it looks like they not only are OK with the modding community, but are interested in our input! I smell a SDK coming 😀

  4. ballightning said

    We theres no mention of modding, but i think EA realize that modding is needed to keep spore going.

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