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Archive for January 11th, 2009

Spore University – Teaching you how to create

Posted by ballightning on January 11, 2009

The University of Spore has opened its doors and now is avaible for the general public. The universities goals are to teach creators the fine art of creating in spore. You can have a look at there website here.

For all of you who don’t know, Spore Uni is a school of various creators as teachers. There are multiple classes to take so you can learn new techniques. There are many different departments and classes to choose from, along with many teachers. 


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SporeWiki – 20 Questions with Will Wright

Posted by ballightning on January 11, 2009





SporeWiki is giving the Spore community a chance to submit their questions in to Will Wright.  They will select 20 questions from Spore fans and at the end of the month will conduct a sit-down interview.  As an added bonus, if your question is selected you will receive a poster signed by Will himself!

For more information, visit SporeWiki!

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Better Spore 1.4 Released

Posted by ballightning on January 11, 2009

The new version of BetterSpore has been released. This version has been the biggest change since BetterSpore came out with new items, changes to 4 stages and many bug fixes. You can download BetterSpore from out BetterSpore page and please comment it telling us what you think! Here is the full list of changes:


v1.4 Changes (for a full list of features go to the BetterSpore page)



– The intro now skips the opening movie.


Creature Stage:

– Fixed Flying

– No more annoying sea monsters!



Tribal Stage:

– Reduced the tribal stage slightly (it is still harder then the original) to fix game crashing



Space Stage:

– Now find items like healing tools as random items on planets.

– It now takes longer to get the high end badges.



10 new items:

– Ultra Cargo Hold

– Ultra Energy Storage

– Ultra Health Upgrade

– Interstellar Drive 6

– Ultra Laser

– Ultra Proton Missile

– Ultra Bomb

– Ultra Pulse

– Ultra Auto Blaster

– Staff of the Apocalypse (best weapon in the game).

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