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Better Spore 1.4 Released

Posted by ballightning on January 11, 2009

The new version of BetterSpore has been released. This version has been the biggest change since BetterSpore came out with new items, changes to 4 stages and many bug fixes. You can download BetterSpore from out BetterSpore page and please comment it telling us what you think! Here is the full list of changes:


v1.4 Changes (for a full list of features go to the BetterSpore page)



– The intro now skips the opening movie.


Creature Stage:

– Fixed Flying

– No more annoying sea monsters!



Tribal Stage:

– Reduced the tribal stage slightly (it is still harder then the original) to fix game crashing



Space Stage:

– Now find items like healing tools as random items on planets.

– It now takes longer to get the high end badges.



10 new items:

– Ultra Cargo Hold

– Ultra Energy Storage

– Ultra Health Upgrade

– Interstellar Drive 6

– Ultra Laser

– Ultra Proton Missile

– Ultra Bomb

– Ultra Pulse

– Ultra Auto Blaster

– Staff of the Apocalypse (best weapon in the game).


5 Responses to “Better Spore 1.4 Released”

  1. IHATENAMES said

    Umm, I looked up the Spore expansion Galactic Adventures and it said the exact same thing. EXACTLY. Seriously, come on.

  2. eragondr said

    Did you fix how the heat ray cost a lot of money every second you used it?

  3. ballightning said

    Yes that is fixed.

  4. Donzaffi said

    the bug with the Ultra Auto Blaster ist also fixed?
    becuase its crash my game every time

  5. ballightning said

    I don’t know why that happening. If i can’t find a solution it will be taken out of v1.48 due for tomorrow.

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