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Gamesradar: Spore Galactic Adventures: The new LittleBigPlanet?

Posted by ballightning on January 24, 2009


Essentially LittleBigPlanet in 3D, the package consists of a simple-to-use yet very powerful set of drag-and-drop game design tools which will allow players to create their own scripted action-adventure games out of the millions of assets already available in the online Sporepedia. It will also come with brand new items for the creature editor, including – Yes! – proper weapons and even tech such as rocket packs.


Those adventures can then be uploaded and will become available in other players’ games. The idea is that you’ll trawl through space, find a planet holding an adventure, and then beam down a landing party and play through it. Sound too good to be true? Not a word of it.

From what we’ve seen of the design tools, they’re scarily potent, allowing the creation of almost any kind of game you can dream up without any technical knowledge requirements whatsoever. If you ask us, it’s exactly what the space stage of Spore should have been in the first place, and if things turn out as well as they currently look like they will, this will change the face of Spore, and maybe user-generated content, completely.

To explain all of the features we’ve seen would make this a very long and very dull preview, so instead we’ve decided to give you worked examples of the sort of things we’re already dreaming of making, and how Galactic Adventures could make them possible. Read on, and then tell us what you’re going to make.

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Destructoid: Spore Galactic Adventures Preview

Posted by ballightning on January 24, 2009

So what else is Maxis going to give players to mess around with now? The entire game! Players will now be able to beam down to player created planets, have actual adventures and it’s all completely customizable just like the creatures are. Hit the jump for more on Spore Galactic Adventures

In Spore, the game pretty much ends when players get into space. Now, players can beam down onto a planet and continue their adventure. Maxis will have preset adventures available at the start, but the best thing about Spore is the stuff that people can come up with. Players can create their own adventures or take other people’s adventures and customize them to their liking. The adventure can be anything that the player wants. You can have a capture the flag match, have a race, go on an RPG style quest — the limitations are the player’s imaginations. All of the adventures are just like the creatures in that they can be saved as a PNG file and shared with anyone across the world.

The same applies to planets too. You can choose from a preset list of planets or you can just create your own. You can design an ice world, lava world, water world, and more. You’ll be able to place islands, rivers, roads, and customizable houses all on a world as you see fit. Items such as vehicles, jump pads, keys, exploding barrels, and more can also be placed on planets to add to a player’s story. You can even place music and audio clips all across a planet.

All stories need actors and players can add any creature they want to populate a planet. Then they can mess around with how large the creature will be, make it aggressive, make it passive, give it a set path to explore, let it wander around, to much more. Players can also add text to creatures so the creature can tell players what they need to do on a given adventure. 

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Mercury News: Spore Galactic Adventures preview

Posted by ballightning on January 24, 2009

Set to be released this spring, Galactic Adventure gives players the opportunity to get their hands on the creatures they’ve made in Spore. This expansion pack, which requires the first game, lets players design their own quests using a robust level editor.


It’s a smart move that taps into the collective creativity of the Spore community. You’ll be able to make your own planets, decide on whether they want they want to make it fiery or snowy via templates. Players can even modify its landscape and add a wide range of structures like castles and towers.

But that just scratches the surface, players can also manipulate characters, choosing from millions of spore creatures and use them as nonplayable characters in their level.

They all come with a plethora of modifiable traits. For instance, fans can adjust their range of awareness, roaming area or even their aggressiveness. They can even be scripted to pick up certain objects so they drop them when defeated.

As far as quests go, Maxis has managed to create a wide variety within the game. There’s the simple fetch quest where players have to find an object like a flask and return it to a certain character. There are also races through mazes and defense missions, where players have to protect a certain character.

These missions all end up in a story that can run up to five acts.


But while I watched the creation process, I could clearly see the influence ofLittleBigPlanet in the design. The expansion pack has a lot of the traits similar to Sony’s platformer.

On top of that, Maxis will also have its own quests built into the game and while exploring the galaxy, players may run into an alien race that needs their help. Coming to their aid, gives rewards to fans such as new equipment or moves for their creatures.

Warrior races provides new armaments for creatures. Diplomatic races offer moves that help you get along with others. Bard-type aliens offer dance moves like a weird disco celebration.

This is all fine and dandy but where Galactic Adventures one-upsLittleBigPlanet is in its search category. Players can tag their levels with credible labels and the system even categorizes them in helpful groups such as adventures through mazes, etc. Such a flexible system will inevitably help players find an adventure from a plethora of possibilities.

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Maxis: ‘Spore expansion can top Little Big Planet’

Posted by ballightning on January 24, 2009

Spore senior producer Morgan Roarty has been weighing up the similarities between the Maxis game and Media Molecule’s LittleBigPlanet, as well as their relative strengths.

Speaking to us at a recent EA event, Roarty contemplated whether LittleBigPlanet had stolen all of the hype surrounding user created game content in recent times.

“We’ve had plenty of noise on our day,” he said, later adding, “I was already at Maxis for a couple of years working on Spore before I heard about LittleBigPlanet so I don’t know if they were inspired by us.

“They don’t have anything near our numbers of things created,” he asserted, noting that around 200,000-250,000 creatures, buildings and vehicles are created daily by Spore players.

“I don’t think their base editors are as easily accessible as our editors, I think we really have that on them,” he continued.

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Worthplaying – Interview with Spore Galactic Adventures Morgan Roarty

Posted by ballightning on January 24, 2009



WP: In a lot of games, level editors are free. What would you say to the people who ask, “Why do I have to buy an expansion to get a level editor? Shouldn’t something like that come with the game itself or be made available as a free download?”

MR: I don’t have a great answer for that. I would just say that it’s a really powerful editor. We put a lot of time and effort into it, and it is an expansion pack. We’ve added a ton of new things in it, and I just think, looking at the business, it just didn’t seem like something that we could give away for free. We have given away free limbs — in our second patch, we gave out a bunch of insect limbs — and we’ve given out a whole bunch of widgets on the Web site, but this is big enough where we’re going to have to charge for it. It’s a pretty powerful editor.

WP: Can you tell us a little bit about the concept behind the rating system? Realistically, whenever there is that much user-created content, about 90 percent of it is throwaway and 10 percent of it is awesome, but finding that 10 percent is the challenge. How are you guys going to go about it so that the user doesn’t have to spend his time downloading mission after mission only to find that they’re boring?

MR: It’s all about the rating system. Every time you play the mission, you give it a rating, and we’ve seen it on the content side; if you go to Spore.com, all the good content bubbles up to featured content. Again, if you’re a really good guy who makes creatures out there, the most fame you’d get is featured content on Spore.com. That’s the only way you’re going to see your hard work and labor. These missions are a whole new avenue to show off your content. We’ve already proven with featured content that it’s going to bubble to the top, so I don’t see a problem with being able to see the good stuff and not be exposed to the bad stuff.

continue reading the full interview here

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