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AskMen: Spore Galactic Adventures First Look

Posted by ballightning on January 25, 2009

Maxis unveiled the first expansion pack for Spore last night, one that borrows a page or two from Star Trek as well as Adventure Construction Set. Spore Galactic Adventures will allow players to not only beam down to planets to explore strange, new worlds on foot, but they will be able to pursue dozens of Maxis-created adventures and stories. Of course, since the core of Spore is built around the idea of users building and sharing their own content with the entire community, Galactic Adventures will also feature a robust editing tool that will let players create their custom worlds, stories, and adventures that are then uploaded to the Sporepedia where anyone can download them.Due out sometime this Spring, Galactic Adventures looks to bulk up the Space stage of the game.

In Spore, you can zip around in your starship to explore the galaxy, discover worlds, interact with alien species, and pursue missions. In the base game you did everything from your spaceship, which served as your player avatar. Aside from beaming a holographic version of your creature to the surface, you couldn’t get out of the spaceship and rub elbows with the residents of each planet. Galactic Adventures changes that.The expansion can be played two ways. It can integrate into the existing Space Stage, so you still fly around in your starship and take missions from other aliens, but some of these missions may involve you getting out on the planet’s surface and pursuing objectives. Or if you just want to have adventures, you can go to the Sporepedia and load up any planet and adventure that you want.

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Spore Expansion: Galactic Adventures


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