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BetterSpore v1.48 released

Posted by ballightning on January 25, 2009

BetterSpore v1.48 is here! Once again a small change list, due to many people experiencing bugs. If there is no more major bugs the next version will feature many new artifacts and new parts. Please give your feedback.

There is now a new “NoCreature option”.



Changes from v1.45 to v1.48:


v1.48 Fixes:

– Fixed spice storage.

– Fixed problem where it still cost money to travel from planet to planet.

– Fixed Tribal stage



– Improved Complexity removed.

– Permanent Terraform tools no longer cost money each use.

– Now as you gain badges you get more cargo storage slots.

– Grow Reachable mod is now included in this mod.

– Ultra Auto Blaster removed due to crashes.


Balance Changes:

-Even longer creature stage.


New Items:

– 10 new artifacts:

– Ring of the Valaykna

– Ring of the Zorg

– Ring of Atane

– Ring of Klingon

– Ring of the Quarim

– Ring of the Zen Empire

– Ring of Achmenmon

– Ring of Turcus

– Ring of Stellatus

– Ring of the Grox

– Tactical Nuke. 


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