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Bi Tech: Spore Galactic Adventures Preview

Posted by ballightning on January 26, 2009

In typical Maxis style it’s ingenious to the point of ratty dastardliness and, if successful, the expansion will give casual gamers something new to play with, while also re-littering the game with more complex and unpredictable quests for the hardcore gamers.

To a certain degree it’s the hardcore that are being targeted by Galactic Adventures too, as the quests that users create are automatically seeded into the games of other Spore players, just as happens with other player-created bits, like aliens. Specifically, the quests are seeded into the Space-game section and come bundled with a bunch of other game content. For gamers, this is the area that needs the most expansion, so this is the area that gets it. 

Meanwhile though, those out there who are more like my little sisters and just prefer to have cool editors to play with so that they can make cute and cuddly animals, well they get that too. Everyone’s happy. 

Read more the full article here


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