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TVG: Spore Galactic Adventures Review

Posted by ballightning on January 27, 2009

Focusing entirely on expanding the Space Phase into something more fulfilling, Galactic Adventures aims to evolve the organic growth of the main game into the next logical step.  Largely leaving creature creation behind (additional armour packs and weapons will be added in the expansion), Galactic Adventures looks at the bigger picture: the creation of planets,  the creation of planetary adventures, and their ‘pollination’ throughout the online Spore galaxy.

Like the original release, the essence of planetary creation is something that EA Maxis is ensuring will be as intuitive and accessible for a wide an audience as possible.  Sliders for a range of different attributes, from sea level, global temperature, and even the colour of the land itself, can be changed.  Dropping the temperature on a planet covered by water will turn it to ice, whilst doing the opposite will turn the surface into an inhospitable and hellish vision of molten lava, fire, and brimstone; even the height and density of mountains and hills can be changed.  That level of climatic extremes shows only a basic level of what players will be able to achieve when Galactic Adventures finally drops.  Choosing the level of vegetation for the world (and the colour of its leaves), deciding upon which buildings to choose (and where to place them), and whether to add vehicles to the planet, offer some of the details for the surface.  Players can even drag musical phrases over certain areas, which are then triggered when a gamer’s creature crosses into the region of the planet.

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