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Creator Spotlight: Slartibartfast38

Posted by ballightning on January 28, 2009

For this SporeDay we have 2 new interviews, we’ll post the other one soon but first on to the creator Slatibartfast38, who has one of the largest fan bases out of any creator for spore. He has over 1000 subscribers and recently was a winner in the official holiday creation contest.

Here is full interview.

Do you find any particular inspiration for your work?

I find inspiration in just about everything life has to offer. My 2 sons inspire me daily. They are fine young men, and I couldn’t be more proud. I tend to get alot of ideas for the names of my spaceships from the music I was listenting to at the time I was creating. Some of my ideas have even come from the lyrics themselves. Images I may see on TV that day tend to have the same effect.


Also, it is a constant pleasure to see the daily new creations from the community in general. Each and every creation has a great deal of effort and thought put into it. Knowing how much effort each person put into their creation is an inspiration.

To be perfectly honest, this is the first game I’ve ever purchased for a PC, and it has been a mind opening experience. I enjoy every aspect of it, and the freedom of expression is amazing. So the game ‘Spore’ itself has been a creative inspiration for me.

Have you met anyone during your experience playing spore?

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone for giving me those ratings and making those comments. I have met so many fantastic people since starting this game. It’s hard to imagine what life was like before ‘Spore’. To name a few: Dirtymeat, Hydro_Glyph, LordVarmint, Didzo, Enderhenne, Lazywnch, Hilight, Narado, Mootacoo, Gryphon57, SharnaSanveech, ERrnesST, SlivaStari, Sakiara, calculatrice, Zonagirl, Spooradit, Thawed, Heistercrabb, Himmeslaub, rodham, akilahanahid, aquijybo, codyr2391, dragonkohan, Manifestation, Hermit_Blake, Alephred, RissaAngel, exinferios, OldRygel, Sushi Star, Binny, BellaBlim, Exploraziode, sensimelio, hattrickster, Drubinsky, blyon90, JDofPivot, XOTLY, Andeavor, Breakfall87, Torraan, NicMacc, quantamania, PielsYummy, and now you, MaxisCactus.

I literally could go on for another four pages. I am terribly sorry to anyone I may have left out.


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