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Gamasutra – Q&A with Lucy Bradshaw on spore

Posted by ballightning on January 29, 2009

CR: How do you test the user-created content generation in Galactic Adventures? It seems like such a complex task.

LB: We have a lot of testers. The competency of our test groups… and we also have our embedded team. I don’t know how many different teams you talked to, in terms of their composition, but one of the groups that we have is an embedded dev test team. 

They were giving us that incredibly tight loop. When we developed a new feature, they were giving us that halo testing around it immediately. We could really hone it and move on to the next feature as we add things. 

I think the other thing you think about — “How will different players experience Galactic Adventures?” and “What about the different motivations and player types?” — that’s the beauty of the sharing that we’ve got. You can package an adventure up into a .png, and just like with the creature .pngs, you can drag that into the editor and it’s going to open up that model.

You can take the planet .png and drag it, and that’s going to have all of the adventure stuff. Just being able to share those easily through the Sporepedia, all of a sudden, you unlock those kind of creators who are going to make that extra effort to make something that’s incredibly honed and wonderful, with the ease of sharing it that we’ve put together in Spore, with the Sporepedia, right within the context of the game. 

So I think you’ll lower the barrier to people getting at the best possible content, and since our players are making the most amazing things, that’s what we wanted to tap.

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