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A Sporedum Exclusive: Looking into Galactic Adventures

Posted by ballightning on February 27, 2009

We have taken 20 screenshots from the latest Galactic Adventure’s Video and compile a fact file from what we saw during it. We also go back to some of the old videos and have a look through them to see what we missed, here is a summary of this post.

There are many quirky things that we found, and also the discovery of over 400 maxis made objects. We have a closer look at how adventures are layed out, and we show that complexity will not be an issue for you when you create your adventures. We also screenshot some new tools, including sword fighting, rocket launchers and more. Also from what we have seen it is possible to interact with objects, and you can give missions to retrieve or destroy them. 



Original Idea from Discovery Spore.


Spore Galactic Adventures Trailer


So here is the first image. What we can tell from this are 2 different things:

1: We now know that we can teleport down to a planet and what it looks like.

2: Buildings/Vehicles can be submerged into the ground, just look at that vehicle in the top left of the screenshot.


Spore Galactic Adventures Trailer 2


Well here is another screenshot. As we can see the main creature has a jetpack, but also has some sort of head gear and some type of weapons coming out of its hands. 

We also see many creatures of the same type which all have Galactic Adventure parts (including some special eye gear) which means it is not just the heroes which can have the new equipment.


Spore Galactic Adventures 3


Well this is an example of 2 different types of scaling. We can see the large (well, massive) epic creature, and if you look hard enough you’ll see a small creature at its foot. Also the buildings seem to have better textures then in normal Spore and can be made much bigger. 

Also is it just me or is that cape new…. (plus those jet like things on the creature’s back?)Grin


Spore Galactic Adventures 4


A very nice scenery picture, this shows of some of the new Maxis created flora.


Spore Galactic Adventures 5

There have been many questions over how complex a mission can be, but by just looking at this picture it is clear that there is a huge amount of stuff you can place in each adventure.

And not only that but this screenshot shows that it is possible to “paint” paths and hopefully textures onto a planet. 


Spore Galactic Adventures 6

So here is the sporepedia screen for Galactic Adventures. Here are some observations:


  • Ratings picture (yellow face)
  • Amount of plays, probably how many people have played that adventure
  • A “?”, this could indicate what you have played or not


There are also some filters, however it seems maxis have not fleshed out the icons yet.


Spore Galactic Adventures 8

First of all… Rockets… And they look good. Here are some other observations:


  • The mini map is much more like a FPS/RTS which gives us hope that we may be able to create massive battles and have alot of strategy.
  • Abilities: Seems there will be 12 abilities: 4 social, 4 aggressive and 4 passive ones.
  • Multiple objective missions, from here it looks like you need to talk to “Davian Captain” and/or destroy the house keepers.
  • 5 acts, and each with more then 1 mission.
  • Easy video camera/screenshot buttons



Spore Galactic Adventures 7

Just another battle scene with another type of weapon, and once again with huge epics!


Spore Galactic Adventures 11


First we realize that their are “objects” for example the barrels, and if we look at the “mission area” it tells you to destroy a Giant Reactor, so it looks like objects are interact-able. Another thing i have noticed is that you can split your acts into certain parts, which we have seen it split into 3 parts so far. 


Spore Galactic Adventures 12


Another Battle scene screenshot.


Spore Galactic Adventures 13



Some more effects (green one on the left), also you can see that there are corpses lying around. 


Spore Galactic Adventures 14


Well it looks like it is possible to create sophisticated castles, and not only that but it looks like there are doors for the walls to.


Spore Galactic Adventures 15



Ninjas??? This is better viewed using the video but it looks like a sword fight. And there are also a lot of different types of objects in the background to.


Spore Galactic Adventures 16


Another look at the beaming down the your creature to a planet.


Spore Galactic Adventures 17


Maori Statues? Campfires? The objects get more and more interesting. Also in this picture you have one of the companions you can get.


Spore Galactic Adventure 19


This really made me want to get the game. It looks really good with multiple ground textures and the scenery looks stunning.


Spore Galactic Adventures 19

It is unclear what this is, however it looks really like the effect from Creepy and Cute. 


Spore Galactic Adventures 20


Getting stomped by a monster? And an evil looking one at that? We like itGrin

Well that is all from that video here are some highlights from the other older videos, and some of this you may have missed.


Spore Galactic Adventures 21
Here is the Adventures Creator. Some things I’ve noticed:

  • Only seems to be 10 creatures, not sure why this is. (I have been informed by Gaming Steve that in fact you can have more, it just adds arrows)
  • Item categories, including objects and music
  • Posse member additions


Spore Galactic Adventures 22

So the other side of the Adventure editor, the planet creator, here you can make your planets however you want, add flora, change colours and change the weather. Observations:


  • Lots of different types of tools, my favourite being “roads” 
  • 2 paint options?
  • Flora area to put plants in
  • Weather area where you can change the weather and where the sun is.


Spore Galactic Adventures 24


Well here are some of the 455 objects which Maxis have made. Some interesting ones include the stonehenge and the chests.


And that is all for now, I’ll post some more up later but I’m out of time. 


If you enjoyed this, please comment and pass it along. Also don’t forget to Digg us.




Ball Lightning/FutureFilms

Sporedum Founder


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New Galactic Adventures Video

Posted by ballightning on February 27, 2009


The Feed and Cinema Blend have both been given a new video by Electronic arts. According to the trailer, missions will include standard exterminations, arena battles, and rescuing a princess at the end of a maze.
Here is what Cinema Blend had to say:

Galactic Adventures allows you to beam your creature onto planets and perform missions. According to the trailer, missions will include standard exterminations, arena battles, and rescuing a princess at the end of a maze. Considering how most of the Spore creatures look, the princess is probably hideous. There’s also another mission where your spaceship crashlands and you must destroy an enemy mothership to escape.

Though it’s not mentioned in this trailer, earlier announcements regarding Galactic Adventures suggested that it would come with an Adventure Editor as well. This Adventure Editor would allow players to create their own missions and then share them with friends. It’s the sort of thing you’d think EA would brag about every chance they got but maybe they’re planning on releasing a trailer devoted solely to singing its praises in the future.

Watch more Galactic Adventure Videos

See the screenshots for Galactic Adventures

Find all the latest news and review about Galactic Adventures


Thanks to Discovery Spore, who original found this video.

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Spore API contest 2009

Posted by ballightning on February 27, 2009

Maxis have created a new contest, to run from today until the 6th of April, this time aimed at spore API developers. The prize? A NVIDIA Graphics card worth $200US and Galactic Adventures for the two runner ups. Do you need help or want to submit your apps? Head over to the official forums.


Calling all developers!

The Spore API is up and running, and we’re calling on you to kick the tires!

Show off your development skills by entering the Spore API Contest 09. We want you to come up with the most exciting and original visualization or app and share it with us!

What to create

We’re interested in seeing what kind of application or widget you can develop, utilizing our massive database of creations, Sporecasts, and player information.

Create your app from scratch, or download the source code from one of the sample apps we’ve posted on the API page. You can use this source as a reference or template. Head over to our forum to discuss ideas!

To be eligible to win, your app needs to display the text, “Download your own copy of the Spore Creature Creator now!” along with a link to http://www.spore.com.

Example ideas:

  • Display of your own creations
  • Trophy case of challenge winners
  • Visualization of current Most Popular New creations
  • Scenic diorama of Sporecast creations

Check out our gallery for examples of some applications created with the Spore API!

How to Submit

To enter, email a link to your application to MaxisSaguaro@Maxis.com.

All original applications created using the Spore API will be accepted, and you can enter as many applications as you’d like!

The deadline to submit your app is April 6th, 2009.


  • Grand Prize: NVIDIA graphics card
  • First runner up: Copy of Spore game and Galactic Adventures
  • Second runner up: Copy of Galactic Adventures

May the best application win!

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Spore Textures going to improve with GA?

Posted by ballightning on February 26, 2009

There has been a lot of frustration lately over how the in game spore textures are much worse then the ones you see in the editors, and it seems the end of this is in sight. MaxisCactus on the official forums has posted in this thread on how the in game textures are “done nicely”, we hope this is a sign that in-game textures will improve. Here is what she had to say:

If you are planning on getting the upcoming Galactic Adventures, it’s got some very nicely done in game textures. 

I know that there’s a lot of frustration with current in game textures. Your best bet right now is to crank up your graphics settings to the max before taking your screenshot. 

Hope that helps 

I also found this posted by Maxis Cactus early this year:

We’ve heard your requests and are working to improve creation texture quality outside the creators in the upcoming expansion.

Keep an eye on our Galactic Adventures screenshots section on Spore.com to see more images from the expansion:


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Audi Car Design Competition uses spore

Posted by ballightning on February 26, 2009

Audi is using spore to create its future car concepts, a nice idea, however it is only for people in germany.

Audi is applying SPORE’s model to generate a range of concepts of what its cars might look like in 15 years’ time, using today’s cars as the seed. Using the SPORE software, designers will reach a final product, and then upload a single picture of it to Audi’s servers. Audi will then choose the winner based on what best represents the future of Audi design.

Grand prize winners will get an all-expense paid trip for 2 to the Audi Design studios in Ingolstadt, VIP treatment at the five-star Arlberg Hospiz Hotel and gourmet meals. Second place gets a high-end gaming computer with a SPORE design theme, while third place will have 20 winners, each getting a competition T-shirt.

Read the full article

Audi Design Competition: SPORE

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Spore Apps are here!

Posted by ballightning on February 25, 2009


Some time ago we reported that Maxis had created a forum for developers to make their own apps, and in the last week we have seen 2 apps, Sporebadges and Sporenament.

Now you can find all the community apps plus all of the apps the Maxis team have made at the Spore API Gallery page.



Swap fish to find your favorite aquatic collection!
By MaxisCactus
Buddy Browser
How will you browse the Universe?
By MaxisDangerousYams
Buddy Activity
Get updates when your buddies make new creations.
By MaxisEditorDan
Creature Battle!
Pick the winning creation in a series of mini battles!
By MaxisDangerousYams
Random MPN
Check out a random Creation from the most popular new list.
By NicMacc
Play with Google gadgets for API asset search views.
By MaxisMichael
Pit one person’s creation against another in a tournament.
By JoeyBagOfDonuts
Mac Screensaver
See a screensaver shuffle through creations from the Sporepedia
By impiaaa
Creation Viewer (WIP)
Play with Google gadgets for API asset search views.
By SniperMonkey

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GA Boxart uses Fanmade Creature

Posted by ballightning on February 23, 2009

We have discovered on of the Spore Galactic Adventure Boxart Creatures on the sporepedia. It seems that Maxis have used a 4 month old creature as one of its main creatures on its boxart. With the same skirt style and face it is very unlikely it is a coincidence. Here is the boxart for the Spore Expansion: Galactic Adventures compared with the featured creature made by Vachida. What do you think? 


Creation Detail

Thanks to ZeekSlider for the find.

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Spore App Highlight: Spore Badges

Posted by ballightning on February 22, 2009

BugSquash from the official spore forums has come up with a ingenious way to show people your latest achievements and hes not stopping there, his next project is to create a app which will include all your latest creations, so there will be no need to manually change your signature every single day. It may also include some info, probably similar to what Hirnsausen did with his fansite where you can find out all the stats, including your rating on the sporepedia.

In sporebadges can choose from 2 to 7 achievements to show of in your sig. All you have to do is enter your username and how many you want it is all ready for you to use. BigSquash is also looking into ways to show your profile information such as tagline, avatar, number of creations, top rated creations. 

Spore Bagdes website

Make your own App

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Spore Galactic Adventures Constant News Feed

Posted by ballightning on February 21, 2009

With more and more information flowing about the Spore Expansion: Galactic Adventures i have added this sticky for you to easily find the latest 15 news story on Galactic Adventures.


(9th April) 3 New Galactic Adventure Screenshots

(9th April) Gamespot: Spore Galactic Adventures Hands-On

(8th April) Sporedum Exclusive: Q&A with Maxis

(7th April) Getting ready for Galactic Adventures: Update

(6th April) Spore’s Galactic Adventures EULA

(6th April) Getting ready for Galactic Adventures

(4th April) SimOperations Spore Developer Interview: Ask Your Questions

(1st April) Spore Galactic Adventures System Requirements

(1st April) Spore Galactic Adventures – back box art

(28th  March) 2 new Spore Galactic Adventures screens

(28th  March) Spore Galactic Adventures fansite kit

(26th  March) 4 new official screenshots for Galactic Adventures

(25th  March) SporeDay: Meet the Captains

(25th  March) SporeDay: Galactic Adventures Community Interview

(20th  March) Official Release Date: 23rd June

Older Galactic Adventures News here

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Spain pushes Galactic Adventure back to May

Posted by ballightning on February 21, 2009

The first European country has pushed back the date to May after last week US gamesites changed there date from the 17th of March to the 19th of May. This has been confirmed officially by EA Spain, which now states that the release date for Spain is the 21st of May. Thanks to Capital Spore for finding this. We will be posting more as it comes.

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US: Spore Galactic Adventures Delay is Official – 20 May

Posted by ballightning on February 21, 2009

Jarek on the Official spore forums has told us that US EA store pre-order now has the date at the 20th of May.  We have also been getting reports of other people having their Pre-Order date of May 20th.


Thank you for ordering on EA Store (US). The date when the product that you Pre-Ordered will be released has been changed. 
The product listed below will now be available on May 20, 2009 

Order ID: xxxxxxxxx 
Product ID: xxxxxxxx 
Product Name: SPORE™ Galactic Adventures (PC Download)



Update: Daunstopable1 has confirmed this, he was sent an email by EA US last week that it has been delayed.

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Spore’s double win: DICE Gaming Awards

Posted by ballightning on February 21, 2009

In Las Vages last night the  12th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards were held. This is the equivalent of the oscars for video games, and spore shone highly with 4 nominations and 2 winners. Spore’s rival on the playstation Little Big Planet swept the floor with 8 winners, with Left for Dead, Fallout 3, Dead Space and Spore all getting to winners. 

Spore won in the best cellular (mobile phone) game of 2008 with spore Origins and the most outstanding achievement in game play engineering.

Computer Game of the Year
Fallout 3 – Bethesda Softworks – Bethesda Softworks
Left 4 Dead – Valve Software – Valve Software
Mass Effect – Electronic Arts – BioWare
Spore – Electronic Arts – Maxis
World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King – Blizzard Entertainment – Blizzard Entertainment


Cellular Game of the Year
Reset Generation – Nokia – RedLynx
Spore Origins – Electronic Arts – Babaroga, Tricky Software
Trism – Demiforce – Demiforce


Outstanding Achievement in Game Play Engineering
Fable II – Microsoft Game Studios – Lionhead Studios
Fallout 3 – Bethesda Softworks – Bethesda Softworks
Left 4 Dead – Valve Software – Valve Software
Spore – Electronic Arts – Maxis
Tom Clancy’s EndWar – Ubisoft – Ubisoft Shanghai


Outstanding Innovation in Gaming
Braid – Microsoft Game Studios – Number None
Left 4 Dead – Valve Software – Valve Software
Little Big Planet – Sony – Media Molecule
Spore – Electronic Arts – Maxis
Wii Fit – Nintendo – Nintendo

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18 New Galactic Adventure Screenshots

Posted by ballightning on February 21, 2009


For all 18 New Images, visit the Galactic Adventures screenshot page.

Orginal Source

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Better Spore Trailer 1.5

Posted by ballightning on February 20, 2009



BetterSpore – Spore Mod

What is BetterSpore?

BetterSpore is a community made mod which has been used by thousands of people. It attempts to make spore a better and more enjoyable game, we are now extending this goal to include new content for spore.

It’s been a long wait, but the new version of BetterSpore is just over the hill. This will be the largest change ever with new additions and changes to everything. One of the prominent features will be all the hidden cell parts, the grox parts and over 10 community made parts. We have also extended our space tools to include 10 new tools which have animation never before seen in the space stage. To see some of what BetterSpore has to offer watch the Youtube video above.

All the latest media content for Better Spore.

Better Spore Features:
– All the hidden cell parts for you to use in the creature stage
– All the hidden grox parts for you to use in the creature stage
– Over 10 new custom parts with complete textures for you to use in the creature stage
– Over 10 new items created by xerox with stunning graphics and new effects
– Major changes to the balance of the civilization stages
– Extended Creature and Tribal stages
– Space stage overhaul
– Many other changes, all to be announced later


Question: Will these new parts be uploadable to the sporepedia?

Answer: Sadly it will not be able to, however we are hopeful we can come up with a agreement with Maxis on getting them past the filters.

Question: Will creatures with the new parts be able to save?

Answer: At the moment some of the grox parts and all the cell parts do not save properly, and we are continuing to look into this. However if we are unable to fix the issue we will be releasing a hack which will allow you to save anyway. 

Question: Will the creatures with new part pollinate?

Answer: Any creature which will save will be able to pollinate.

Question: Will we need to start a new game?

Answer: We strongly advise anyone using the new version of BetterSpore to start a new game, however make sure you do not play that save version without the mod. You will be able to play an old game with BetterSpore but that game may encounter bugs.

Question: Where are all the artifacts i heard about last month?

Answer: We are working to get them into 1.5, however it may not be possible and will be released in a patch or 1.6.

Question: When will BetterSpore 1.5 be released?

Answer: Hopefully by early March.

Question: Will it all be in one package or can i get the parts separately?

Answer: There will be 3 packages, BetterSpore complete (all the features), BetterSpore parts (parts/editor changes only, no gameplay changes) and BetterSpore tools (Space tools only).

Mod Links

 – SporeMods – The community for modding
 – How to install mods
 – Sporemaster – Start your own mod today
 – The Spore Mod Index – With over 80 mods!
 – How to mod spore – basics
 – Other modding tutorials
 – Better Spore Preview: New Parts


 – Ball Lightning (Better Spore Team Leader)
 – Virakotxa (Lead Part Developer
 – Mettra (Part Developer/Part Code)
 – Xerox262 (Space Tools Code)
 – Dark Dragon (Editors Coder)
 – Odistant (Civilization Coder/Artifact Coder))
 – God (General Programmer)
 – Ahvena (Team Member)
 – Rotto (Team Member)


Ball Lightning/FutureFilms


We are in contact with Maxis on the issue of uploading creatures with new parts to the sporepedia, at the moment it does not seem possible, however we are still working on a way to do it.

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SporeWiki: 20 Questions with Will Wright

Posted by ballightning on February 20, 2009

Well it is finally here, SporeWiki’s 20 questions with Will Wright. It has been a long wait but now we have the most extensive interview on spore for a long time. He answered questions on all sorts of topics, from what is his favourite stage to a possible MMO for spore.

What was your favorite moment during the development of Spore? A point where you just looked at what you had done and said “This is great!”?

We are just down the street from Pixar, and we had some people we knew just down there that we would bring in for informal play testing a lot and there was one play test when the character editors were really starting to click for the first time, they were very hard to use at the beginning, but at some point they started feeling intuitive and easy and these were Pixar animators level of work and they were blown away. The fact that these were professionals who had to use high level tools to do the same kind of thing but they preferred using this consumer level thing and that they were having so much fun with it, we didn’t have to explain how to use it, they just played with it and figured it out. That was when I kind of realized that if Pixar artists can have as much fun with this as a regular person and visa versa, then we have certainly exceeded one goal, probably the most important one we wanted, for everyone to be able to come in and feel that they could be creative was very exciting.


Have you ever considered of making some kind of expansion that will enhance Spore experience by allowing the player to actually “meet” another individual playing Spore, rather than just encountering their creations?

Yes, we have actually looked at taking Spore and the entire galaxy and making it an MMO, which is one avenue we are exploring. But we are also looking in the form of personal experiences, more peer-to-peer, face to face; a simple civil network with buddy lists players can subscribe to forecasts and stuff like. People love to share what they’ve made and it has more meaning if it is from somebody you know. So we are looking at some things where people can kind of in real time share their creatures and have them interact with each other in interesting and social ways.

Read the full interview

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