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BetterSpore update 2-2-09

Posted by ballightning on February 2, 2009

Well today was a successful day with another part rendered and imported with textures and the applying of alpha textures to the blade. 


We also were successful in adding a new page to the creature editor which will allow the mod to look much more professional and will allow us to easily have many new parts included. Sadly with the way spore is coded it will not be easy having separate part mods running at once. If you wish to start your own part mod why not think about joining betterspore?

We are also in contact with Maxis about the sharing issue and the sporepedia.


So heres 3 pictures of our latest work:




4 Responses to “BetterSpore update 2-2-09”

  1. Axel said

    I think I feature that should be looked into is a button that toggles symmetry on and off. It may not be possible, but it’d be a useful tool.

  2. ballightning said

    We are looking into it.

  3. tomek said


  4. margin:0;

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