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Sporenament Alpha

Posted by ballightning on February 14, 2009

JoeyBagOfDonuts has created a new spore application which pits your creations against each other to find the best creatures. He is also looking into creating a leader-board of all the best creations. Here is what he had to say on the official spore forums. We will bring you more as it comes.


A way for you to “find” new content by pitting one person’s creation against another in a tournament. There are 3 Spornaments (Level 1, 2 and 3). 

At level 1 you compare 16 random creations (although you have the ability to filter by Buildings, Creatures, UFOs or Vehicles [or any combination]) until you reach one ultimate winner at the end. The winner will be saved so that it can compete in a Level 2 competition. [That part has not been started yet]. 

At Level 2, you compare 8 Level 1 winners until you reach one winner at the end. That will be saved for a Level 3 Sporenament. 

At Level 3, you compare 4 Level 2 winners. 

At each level, both the Author of the creation and the person who judged the Spornament will be awarded “Spoints” which will be used to determine what you are allowed to do. I plan on putting some sort of leaderboard by Spoints. 

Any of the assets can be right clicked and you will have the option to visit several of the Maxis webpages related to that asset. If you are logged in, you could do anything you would normally be able to do, such as add asset to a Sporecast or make comments on the creation. 

For now, the only part that is 90% complete is the Level 1 Sporenament. Once you start the app, click the blue level 1 button at the bottom. From there, filter your assets, then just click on which asset you like best in each of the groupings. If something isn’t implemented, a messagebox will explain what the plan is for the thing you clicked on. 

The app requires the .Net 2.0 runtime. It will prompt you to install it if you don’t have it but for some reason the link takes you to the 3.5 runtime (you have to choose 2.0 runtime from the right-hand menu).

Feel free to provide any constructive feedback! 




2 Responses to “Sporenament Alpha”

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