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Sporedum reaches 200,000 hits

Posted by ballightning on February 19, 2009

About 2 hours ago we reached 200,000 hits, a great achievement for a blog which has only been around for 5 months. We would like to thank all you people, our readers, for coming to Sporedum and supporting us, and we would like to say that we will continue to try and bring daily news on all things spore. Whether it be new expansions, mods or just general news about spore we will be here to bring it to you as it happens.

We can now proudly and truly say that we are the largest blog dedicated to spore, and only run slightly short of our friends SimPrograms the largest sims blog. I never really know how many of you read the front page to check out the news or just see whats going on (as i can only see stats for how many people see pages/posts), however when i posted Preview: New Parts, over 400 people from the front page went over to youtube to watch a video of the new parts coming in BetterSpore. I never realized just how many people looked on the front page and once again i would like to thank you for inspiring me to continue.


I hope to see you around in the near future and look out for our special trailer for BetterSpore coming soon.




Ball Lightning

Sporedum Owner

BetterSpore Head


PS: if you have any ideas, thoughts or anything at all about sporedum please comment below, we do listen.


One Response to “Sporedum reaches 200,000 hits”

  1. judhudson said

    Congratulations, and don’t be shy in admitting…While I do my best to try to keep up the news, you’re doing an awesome job at it. Better than me, in fact 😀 Nothing but success for you guys in the future – 1,000,000 hits aren’t that far off!

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