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SporeWiki: 20 Questions with Will Wright

Posted by ballightning on February 20, 2009

Well it is finally here, SporeWiki’s 20 questions with Will Wright. It has been a long wait but now we have the most extensive interview on spore for a long time. He answered questions on all sorts of topics, from what is his favourite stage to a possible MMO for spore.

What was your favorite moment during the development of Spore? A point where you just looked at what you had done and said “This is great!”?

We are just down the street from Pixar, and we had some people we knew just down there that we would bring in for informal play testing a lot and there was one play test when the character editors were really starting to click for the first time, they were very hard to use at the beginning, but at some point they started feeling intuitive and easy and these were Pixar animators level of work and they were blown away. The fact that these were professionals who had to use high level tools to do the same kind of thing but they preferred using this consumer level thing and that they were having so much fun with it, we didn’t have to explain how to use it, they just played with it and figured it out. That was when I kind of realized that if Pixar artists can have as much fun with this as a regular person and visa versa, then we have certainly exceeded one goal, probably the most important one we wanted, for everyone to be able to come in and feel that they could be creative was very exciting.


Have you ever considered of making some kind of expansion that will enhance Spore experience by allowing the player to actually “meet” another individual playing Spore, rather than just encountering their creations?

Yes, we have actually looked at taking Spore and the entire galaxy and making it an MMO, which is one avenue we are exploring. But we are also looking in the form of personal experiences, more peer-to-peer, face to face; a simple civil network with buddy lists players can subscribe to forecasts and stuff like. People love to share what they’ve made and it has more meaning if it is from somebody you know. So we are looking at some things where people can kind of in real time share their creatures and have them interact with each other in interesting and social ways.

Read the full interview


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