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Spain pushes Galactic Adventure back to May

Posted by ballightning on February 21, 2009

The first European country has pushed back the date to May after last week US gamesites changed there date from the 17th of March to the 19th of May. This has been confirmed officially by EA Spain, which now states that the release date for Spain is the 21st of May. Thanks to Capital Spore for finding this. We will be posting more as it comes.


5 Responses to “Spain pushes Galactic Adventure back to May”

  1. […] Spain Galactic Adventures Expansion Pushed Back To May Sporedum has found more news on the recent Galactic Adventures release date change. Spain has also changed their to May 19/21 as well. The change in release date has also been confirmed by EA Spain. Read the full post here from Sporedum. […]

  2. Henry said

    play.com is now showing 26/6/09 but amazon is still 27/03/09

  3. Henry said

    for england

  4. austin said

    hey is it realy gonna be longer then the 17 of march? for the u-s? i hope not

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