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Spore Galactic Adventures Constant News Feed

Posted by ballightning on February 21, 2009

With more and more information flowing about the Spore Expansion: Galactic Adventures i have added this sticky for you to easily find the latest 15 news story on Galactic Adventures.


(9th April) 3 New Galactic Adventure Screenshots

(9th April) Gamespot: Spore Galactic Adventures Hands-On

(8th April) Sporedum Exclusive: Q&A with Maxis

(7th April) Getting ready for Galactic Adventures: Update

(6th April) Spore’s Galactic Adventures EULA

(6th April) Getting ready for Galactic Adventures

(4th April) SimOperations Spore Developer Interview: Ask Your Questions

(1st April) Spore Galactic Adventures System Requirements

(1st April) Spore Galactic Adventures – back box art

(28th  March) 2 new Spore Galactic Adventures screens

(28th  March) Spore Galactic Adventures fansite kit

(26th  March) 4 new official screenshots for Galactic Adventures

(25th  March) SporeDay: Meet the Captains

(25th  March) SporeDay: Galactic Adventures Community Interview

(20th  March) Official Release Date: 23rd June

Older Galactic Adventures News here


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