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Spore App Highlight: Spore Badges

Posted by ballightning on February 22, 2009

BugSquash from the official spore forums has come up with a ingenious way to show people your latest achievements and hes not stopping there, his next project is to create a app which will include all your latest creations, so there will be no need to manually change your signature every single day. It may also include some info, probably similar to what Hirnsausen did with his fansite where you can find out all the stats, including your rating on the sporepedia.

In sporebadges can choose from 2 to 7 achievements to show of in your sig. All you have to do is enter your username and how many you want it is all ready for you to use. BigSquash is also looking into ways to show your profile information such as tagline, avatar, number of creations, top rated creations. 

Spore Bagdes website

Make your own App


3 Responses to “Spore App Highlight: Spore Badges”

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