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GA Boxart uses Fanmade Creature

Posted by ballightning on February 23, 2009

We have discovered on of the Spore Galactic Adventure Boxart Creatures on the sporepedia. It seems that Maxis have used a 4 month old creature as one of its main creatures on its boxart. With the same skirt style and face it is very unlikely it is a coincidence. Here is the boxart for the Spore Expansion: Galactic Adventures compared with the featured creature made by Vachida. What do you think? 


Creation Detail

Thanks to ZeekSlider for the find.


11 Responses to “GA Boxart uses Fanmade Creature”

  1. […] GA Boxart uses Fanmade Creature […]

  2. […] Sporedum has found out that a featured creation made by user Vachidra has inspired Maxis to be placed on the official Spore Galactic Adventures boxart!  Their creature on the boxart resembles Vachidra’s Terroxi creature.  Of course, once we upload any creations to the Sporepedia, the property becomes Maxis to use as they please.  Hopefully Vachidra will recieve a free copy of the game or something.  I, myself would be flattered if my little guy could make it on the cover somewhere.  Doubt any animal/farm expansions are in the works for Spore though…Comeon Maxis, make it happen!!! […]

  3. revigoe8 said

    Hey, please, you can put my banner on your site? Because i put the sporedum banner in SporeModding.


  4. ballightning said

    Whoops sorry about that, added now.

  5. Damien said

    It looks like a slightly altered version of Vachida’s creation.

  6. revigoe8 said

    I did a smaller version of my banner. If you want to:

  7. revigoe8 said

    Ok, Thanks! =DDDDD

  8. 1337Dudez said

    when i get this im makeing a half life level!

  9. midtown123 said

    Wow, as far as I’m concerned, they’re the same. Same creature, anyways. Maybe a different outfit. Just look at the hands and feet!

    • Damien said

      Definitively its the same creature with a different outfit, except they removed the feathers on top of the head and those holes on the side. Also is it just me or did they make the eyes a little bigger?

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