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A Sporedum Exclusive: Looking into Galactic Adventures

Posted by ballightning on February 27, 2009

We have taken 20 screenshots from the latest Galactic Adventure’s Video and compile a fact file from what we saw during it. We also go back to some of the old videos and have a look through them to see what we missed, here is a summary of this post.

There are many quirky things that we found, and also the discovery of over 400 maxis made objects. We have a closer look at how adventures are layed out, and we show that complexity will not be an issue for you when you create your adventures. We also screenshot some new tools, including sword fighting, rocket launchers and more. Also from what we have seen it is possible to interact with objects, and you can give missions to retrieve or destroy them. 



Original Idea from Discovery Spore.


Spore Galactic Adventures Trailer


So here is the first image. What we can tell from this are 2 different things:

1: We now know that we can teleport down to a planet and what it looks like.

2: Buildings/Vehicles can be submerged into the ground, just look at that vehicle in the top left of the screenshot.


Spore Galactic Adventures Trailer 2


Well here is another screenshot. As we can see the main creature has a jetpack, but also has some sort of head gear and some type of weapons coming out of its hands. 

We also see many creatures of the same type which all have Galactic Adventure parts (including some special eye gear) which means it is not just the heroes which can have the new equipment.


Spore Galactic Adventures 3


Well this is an example of 2 different types of scaling. We can see the large (well, massive) epic creature, and if you look hard enough you’ll see a small creature at its foot. Also the buildings seem to have better textures then in normal Spore and can be made much bigger. 

Also is it just me or is that cape new…. (plus those jet like things on the creature’s back?)Grin


Spore Galactic Adventures 4


A very nice scenery picture, this shows of some of the new Maxis created flora.


Spore Galactic Adventures 5

There have been many questions over how complex a mission can be, but by just looking at this picture it is clear that there is a huge amount of stuff you can place in each adventure.

And not only that but this screenshot shows that it is possible to “paint” paths and hopefully textures onto a planet. 


Spore Galactic Adventures 6

So here is the sporepedia screen for Galactic Adventures. Here are some observations:


  • Ratings picture (yellow face)
  • Amount of plays, probably how many people have played that adventure
  • A “?”, this could indicate what you have played or not


There are also some filters, however it seems maxis have not fleshed out the icons yet.


Spore Galactic Adventures 8

First of all… Rockets… And they look good. Here are some other observations:


  • The mini map is much more like a FPS/RTS which gives us hope that we may be able to create massive battles and have alot of strategy.
  • Abilities: Seems there will be 12 abilities: 4 social, 4 aggressive and 4 passive ones.
  • Multiple objective missions, from here it looks like you need to talk to “Davian Captain” and/or destroy the house keepers.
  • 5 acts, and each with more then 1 mission.
  • Easy video camera/screenshot buttons



Spore Galactic Adventures 7

Just another battle scene with another type of weapon, and once again with huge epics!


Spore Galactic Adventures 11


First we realize that their are “objects” for example the barrels, and if we look at the “mission area” it tells you to destroy a Giant Reactor, so it looks like objects are interact-able. Another thing i have noticed is that you can split your acts into certain parts, which we have seen it split into 3 parts so far. 


Spore Galactic Adventures 12


Another Battle scene screenshot.


Spore Galactic Adventures 13



Some more effects (green one on the left), also you can see that there are corpses lying around. 


Spore Galactic Adventures 14


Well it looks like it is possible to create sophisticated castles, and not only that but it looks like there are doors for the walls to.


Spore Galactic Adventures 15



Ninjas??? This is better viewed using the video but it looks like a sword fight. And there are also a lot of different types of objects in the background to.


Spore Galactic Adventures 16


Another look at the beaming down the your creature to a planet.


Spore Galactic Adventures 17


Maori Statues? Campfires? The objects get more and more interesting. Also in this picture you have one of the companions you can get.


Spore Galactic Adventure 19


This really made me want to get the game. It looks really good with multiple ground textures and the scenery looks stunning.


Spore Galactic Adventures 19

It is unclear what this is, however it looks really like the effect from Creepy and Cute. 


Spore Galactic Adventures 20


Getting stomped by a monster? And an evil looking one at that? We like itGrin

Well that is all from that video here are some highlights from the other older videos, and some of this you may have missed.


Spore Galactic Adventures 21
Here is the Adventures Creator. Some things I’ve noticed:

  • Only seems to be 10 creatures, not sure why this is. (I have been informed by Gaming Steve that in fact you can have more, it just adds arrows)
  • Item categories, including objects and music
  • Posse member additions


Spore Galactic Adventures 22

So the other side of the Adventure editor, the planet creator, here you can make your planets however you want, add flora, change colours and change the weather. Observations:


  • Lots of different types of tools, my favourite being “roads” 
  • 2 paint options?
  • Flora area to put plants in
  • Weather area where you can change the weather and where the sun is.


Spore Galactic Adventures 24


Well here are some of the 455 objects which Maxis have made. Some interesting ones include the stonehenge and the chests.


And that is all for now, I’ll post some more up later but I’m out of time. 


If you enjoyed this, please comment and pass it along. Also don’t forget to Digg us.




Ball Lightning/FutureFilms

Sporedum Founder


28 Responses to “A Sporedum Exclusive: Looking into Galactic Adventures”

  1. […] A Sporedum Exclusive: Looking into Galactic Adventures […]

  2. bardia said

    its very good thank you

  3. […] or destroy them. We hope you enjoy and you can find the full look into Galactic Adventures here: A Sporedum Exclusive: Looking into the Spore Expansion: Galactic Adventures See the video released […]

  4. […] Sporedum has put forth effort (something I suck at doing) to break down the latest Spore Galactic Adventures trailer and to take screens as well as point out various facts of what the first expansion has to offer.  They also visit older videos to see what was missed. According to their findings, they discovered over 400 Maxis-made objects and also found the new tools and how complex the missions are…  Check it out if you are up for a good read by clicking here. Share and Enjoy: […]

  5. Enthernaler said

    hmm it looks very good,and it makes a mini rpg and a hero arena out of spore,looks good,only if there would be levels like a few planets each one sort of”glued up”with all planets in one mission so it is continued,it is like this:You get a mission on one planet and you will have more waves of enemy groups on that planet and/or you will have to fly up to another planet or more to complete the mission.afcourse you will get an reward for it 🙂

  6. Grimbot said

    Great stuff! I posted this on the Sporum in relation to another thread. It’s just “my take” on “your take” with a few more observations…

    “And in addition to what they said, you can clearly now Epicize any type of creature, not just animals. Also, You can not only sink vehicles into the ground, rotate them, and position them as you’d like, but you can apparently turn off their animations (which is a godsend for my Wartorn set).

    What Sporedum call “new Maxis created flora” in a screen shot are actually the “decor” items from the Civ stage. Looks like you can take those, place them, and re-size them like other objects. Wouldn’t surprise me if we got access to the “storybook planet” objects as well.

    Those are definitely roads and paths painted onto the surface of the planet, as they’re too organic to be buildings (unless it’s a LOT of buildings).

    The pic that shows the packed planet surface actually doesn’t use that many models (I can only count 5 or 6. The red things are creatures maybe?), so complexity and number of buildings may still be an issue.

    There’s bones on the ground. Might be buildings, but it’d be a handy prop to have either way.

    The news about being able to destroy buildings with exploding barrels is great. There may be other ways to accomplish the same task. Gives me hope for my “escape the exploding base” scenario.

    You can use member of the player’s species in the adventures, at least as posse members.

    Now that I look back, this didn’t answer any of my earlier questions… but it’s all cool so I’ll take it!”

    Thanks again Sporedum!

  7. EA Fusion said

    Great stuff! 😀
    This expansion is very cool!

  8. Damien said


    you wrote,
    Here is the Adventures Creator. Some things I’ve noticed:

    * Only seems to be 10 creatures, not sure why this is. (I have been informed by Gaming Steve that in fact you can have more, it just adds arrows)
    * Item categories, including objects and music
    * Posse member additions

    I would assume that you could only have ten based on the picture. Its good to hear that you could have more than that since, it will let you create more elaborate settings and game play. I wonder how much you will be able to add before the complexity meter runs out. I hope its a lot.

  9. Someguy said

    It’s not a new cape, it’s the wings from the ‘space outfit editor’ we now have! And they are not epics, they are the vehicle from the landvehicle editor we now have already!

  10. Damien said


    That thing with the “cape,” doesn’t look like a vehicle. It looks like there’s a lot of metal on him, but he looks to organic to be a vehicle.

    • Someguy said

      Damien, didn’t mean the super big one with the ‘cape’, but the things from the ‘Just another battle scene with another type of weapon, and once again with huge epics!’ picture aren’t epics in my opinion.

  11. Dermathil said

    It seems the lightning is simply an environment hazard. I saw in another video that if you get too high, you can get hit by lightnings.

  12. jdunn94 said

    I don’t think its a cape in these screenshots, but in one of the videos it looks like the players guy is wearing a purple cape

  13. Nickertoby said

    Anyone noticed the Green things in quite afew shots including the top one and also the one with the doors and the castle. There is also red ones. Pickups? possibly health and energy?

  14. Damien said


    That would be good. I usually don’t like games with progressive health, believe it or not. I prefer the old school health systems.

  15. Someguy said

    Where is the movie of the enviromental hazards Dermathill? It’s probably VERY interesting for me and other people!

  16. For my opinion I like it when you can get damaged a lot then hide for like..5 seconds then have your health back again :D.

  17. william hanson said

    how much is this gonna cost?

  18. GuyWhoReallyHatesDelays said

    about the screenshot with the Creepy and Cute thunder, there is a movie that explains what it is: it happens in planets with low atmosfere when u fly to high.

  19. justloookin said

    This looks like alot of fun cant wait for it to come out im just hoping it doesnt lag for my comp

  20. Chowza said

    Hehe..in the 3rd pic the green creature has a nice butt. >3

  21. sporeguy said

    I wonder if you can go into buildings with roofs on them like castles or houses?

    • Damien said

      I heard that you could if you created them correctly. But to do so requires using more than one “building” from the building editor to make one building. For example stacking one horizontal below two parallel vertical walls and putting another one on top of the two parallel vertical walls. That would be the beginning of a building that the player could go inside.

  22. JDunn said

    please consider updating this with all the new screenshots

  23. Damien said

    I’d like to see you guys do something with the new screen shots as well.

  24. ballightning said

    I’ll consider doing the new ones tomorrow if i have some time. Thanks for the support!


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