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SporeBadges Update

Posted by ballightning on March 3, 2009

Last month we discussed the Spore App, SporeBadges, and talked about how in the near future he will create a version for people to add a image to there signatures on forums or blogs to automatically upload their creature images. Well it is now avaible, from the SporeBadges website. As with the achievements, you can choose how many creatures you want displayed.

Using Maxis’s Spore API, I’ve created a web service that will allow anyone to create a signature image of their latest achievements or creations. It will update automatically as you earn more, so you never have to worry about keeping it up to date in your signature. 

It’s available at… 

You can see the creation image in action in my signature right now. It allows you to choose how many achievements or creations you want to show, so it can easily fit in with other images in your signature without taking too much space. 

You can use Spore Badges for your signature, blog, or wherever you want to display your achievements or creations.

Official Spore forum thread


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