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Galactic Adventures… Delayed again?

Posted by ballightning on March 4, 2009

Spore Galactic Adventures

It seems that every major game gets delayed over and over. At least that is true for EA. The Sims has been delayed to June, and now 2 different distributors have changed their site information to June for the Spore Expansion: Galactic Adventures, they are EB games (and therefore Gamestop) along with Play.com. However Amazon are still showing May. This is still within EA’s most recent official estimate of Summer.

Pre-order Spore Galactic Adventures by June 22nd at 11am CST with overnight shipping and get guaranteed delivery on the street date of June 23rd! If your product does not arrive on the street date, we will fully refund your shipping charge! Continental United States only. Must have Overnight Service available in your area. Offer void if you are unable to accept a delivery that was attempted. Not responsible for orders delayed due to incorrect address, credit card information, inclement weather or official date changes.


Thanks to SimPrograms for the information.

UPDATE: Spore Galactic Adventures has now been confirmed for June 23rd. More here.


111 Responses to “Galactic Adventures… Delayed again?”

  1. […] Galactic Adventures… Delayed again? […]

  2. Grimbot said


  3. salkin said

    What the hell? this is a load of shisnuts!

    • Tony said

      That Is That You Just said a shis… Whatever it is i agree EA And Getting Paid millions a day Just To Slack us off Well Im Not Buying One Of There Games Until june There I’ll Be Akward!!!

  4. 2112mon said

    I agree with Salkin.

  5. mrmonster said

    wait wait wait!! JUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! raaaaaaaaaa me angry!!!!!! *thinks about blowing up the EA building* *waits for nuclear bombs to be sold at wal-mart*

  6. hattrickster said

    Excellent. Way to go Maxis and EA.

  7. Damien said

    Old habits die hard. I hate it when Maxis or any other company tell us when something is going to come out and then keep delaying it, over and over again.

    • Blumin said

      Actually, it’s EA’s fault.

      Don’t make the mistake of blaming Maxis for EA’s problems.

      • EAdecide said

        EA has good games but has to get the games out when they say they are going to take them out!! And seriously, don’t blame Maxis. We are in a wrath for SPORE GALACTIC ADVENTURES!!

  8. Link-117 said

    “wait wait wait!! JUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! raaaaaaaaaa me angry!!!!!! *thinks about blowing up the EA building* *waits for nuclear bombs to be sold at wal-mart*”

    Yeah I think I’m gonna crack, I guess this thing is too good to be true…

    Way to go EA, you have just started another war between me and you.

  9. lenin said

    can somebody help me with few questions i have for spore ??? i am very new on this but i wonder if you can answer this questions : i have creature creator and creepy and cute and i want to get spore the game BUT because of my laptop especifications it makes me wonder if it would run normally in my sistem ( before i got the creature creator and creepy & cute i was afraid of the same thing because my laptop doesnt have 2 of the requirements, my NVIDIA 6150 and my video card is under 128 mb) but they did and i have no problems with that, and now i am afraid that i will have problems with spore the game, can somebody help me ???, my other question is that i know i have to uninstall creature creator before i install and run the spore game, but then after that, how can you create more creatures if you uninstall the game ???

  10. enigmaticblogger90 said

    Sh*t!!! I wanted it in May…

  11. Damien said


    I wanted it before May.

  12. jdunn94 said

    What the fuck?!

    I wanted it in march, which was the first release date.
    Then I decided that I could wait till May even though it was a long ways off.

  13. zane said

    delaying the expansion just adds hype

    • nate said

      also adds anger to people like us… 😡

    • midtown123 said

      And probably less features, too. They’re just going to do the same thing they did to spore. Ruin it, and hand it to us, and we’ll still think it’s great!

      (My oppinion)

      • Tony said


  14. Damien said

    What if the Delay has nothing to do with Hype?
    What if they’re delaying it because of some serious problem, like it makes the system crash or something? Would the wait be worth it than?

    • Tony said

      Damien The Game Wont crash it Because I Know Expansion Packs They Share The Games Files
      So It Means The game Its Self Is A Tree Trunk The expansions are The branches

  15. hogdriver said

    well aslong as its before june 16…… witch is my birthday!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU MAXIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Marf said

    EA isn’t the only one that keeps delaying games.

  17. Chosenoneknuckles said

    If they’re delaying it even further then I think that can only be good for the game. It’s not like a good chunk of HD console games that are rushed out and are then riddled with problems, which prompt you to download and install lots of patches…

  18. fred said

    Hey lenin,

    It’s probably better to ask those questions at the sporum http://forum.spore.com .

    If you can run CC and C&F, you should able to run spore, abit at a lower framerate. The main game has creature creator build in, so you’ll be right at home.

  19. kiriom said

    EA no matter how much you delay GA, the game will be buged anyway

  20. kiriom said

    EA no matter how much you delay Galactic adventures, the game will be buged anyway

  21. Damien said


    you wrote,
    EA no matter how much you delay Galactic adventures, the game will be buged anyway.

    Maybe, but the problems they have now, maybe very serious.

  22. GuyWhoReallyHatesDelays said

    Delayed? Again! I was enough mad with may but now June!!??
    Here is my evil plan: On 17thMarch the original realese date, i will buy a flight to US. Then I go to the EvilPlans Store and buy a neutron bomb. I blast in EA building, send my slave-bot go inside (i dont go by myself because of the radiations) and steal all the GAs. I clean them get 3 for me and sell the others on ebay for 100$each! Buahahahhaha!!!!

  23. Damien said


    Well that sounds like a good idea.

    – : )

  24. Metallic said

    First Sims 3, now Galactic Adventures- how many releases is EA going to delay?

    Methinks there’s been some sort of upset in the design team, perhaps.

  25. 2112mon said

    Forget it… If it is going to be released after the Sims 3, i’m going to get that instead.

  26. Doomi said

    Well, think of it this way. what if they delayed it so they could add awesomely cool content… maybe they want to make sure it’s perfect, because spore wasn’t perfect at release, so they wanna be careful.

  27. ion said

    They’re going to delete most of the features.. EA is selling to morons..

  28. Yeah dude it just turned March and I was excited to day to check to see if it was in.Well I go on google to see the release date and..I find out it was then later sent to June :|.First of all why hold it.Are the shippings at a bad time?Is the market to blame?Is the stupid EA to blame?EA and I do not get along.All my EA games have at least one problem!EVERY SINGLE GAME!Well this time they delay a EP package.Amazing how they have it delayed.For WEEKS it has said March and I didn’t even realize it was delayed to even May.I say they need to ship it in and have it sent to certain stores…Heck make the price 60$.As long as it is in and not above 70$ I’ll go and buy it.

    ~Nick H.

  29. I just remembered June 6 if my birthday O.O…

  30. Doomi they can at least release it.The way they fixed up original Spore’s glitches or problems was to have patches.I got all 3 patches which made the game awesome 😀 but if it is gonna have bugs they could just send out a patch sorting up the problems.The reason we have patches is so we get extra content,bugs fixed/problems fixed,and for extra features such as new gear and weapons or just new levels.Another thing that is gay is that they make a game that has bugs so why release it and tell the ENTIRE world about a false date.That is the problem about it.If they knew they would have to do this they could’ve just actually explained why they delayed the expansion.This is why people get pissed off at the game developers.


    No really I don’t like EA but I like there games :D.The reason I hate EA is…

    1st.The Battlefield 2 game I bought came with a gay CD key where I can’t play mutliplayer..
    2nd.Delays constantly with false dates.
    3rd.They Release games that tend to have glitches.
    4th.There company sucks for taking over the gaming industry.(not all but most of it :D)
    5th.They have had these problems for YEARS!!!

    So thats about it :|.If they could just fix these problems it would be great.Problem about Battlefield 2 is even my bro that got it his CD KEY sucked.It even failed to let us play mutliplayer.So anyways theres my comments on everything.

  31. Acty said

    What!!!! Please tell me it isn’t true. First may now June. If they can’t give a good release date why bother giving one at all? It just makes people disappointed. 😦

  32. Uroboros said

    Its funny how people get all angry when it gets delayed, but if they release it with glitchs they get even more furious. Listen people, if you keep whining loudly for faster releases and they actually give them to you, don’t be surprised when it ends up being lacking or glitchy.

    Just let the people do their damn work, and accept whatever release date THEY set. Didn’t anybody learn the first time around?

  33. GuyWhoReallyHatesDelays said

    New Evil Plan: exactly the same but instead of a neutron bomb, i go inside and transform all operators in frogs with my secret powers. One monthe after I turn the Spore developters human again so they can make new cool expansions.

  34. Hitsu123 said

    OMG!!!! WDF!!!! ITS OKAY FOR THEM TO DELAY!!! Maybe if they delayed Spore another year or so, we’d have better stuff. If they delay the expansion, maybe they’re just fixing stuff. It’s hard making games and stuff. If you imagine the stress they get, you’ll probably be regretting anything that you said about maxis or ea being gay.

  35. Amazon UK has delayed it to June, but Amazon America hasn’t. I was going to buy it From America, so i could get it earlier, but because I live in the UK, I wasn’t allowed to Pre-order it. I don’t understand this- the UK cannot buy it, but Ireland can. That is probably slightly racist

  36. Jahallad said

    i already have it im a beta tester
    it basically has quite a few bugs right now like you cant build hot water turrets on ocean colonys and the aquatic stage has some graphics problems and it sometimes crashes but the cell stage has been extended with about 10 new parts
    but i cant say anything else

    • ballightning said

      We have already talked to Maxis people about Galactic Adventures and there is no such new additions. There is not aquatic stage, it is only a extension of the space stage. Please do not spread false rumors.

    • Peacocktabby said

      How can u beta test spore??? I wanna do that!

    • nate said

      Fail. Do you even know what Galactic Adventures is going to add to the game??? come on. if you’re going to TRY to spark a false rumor, try to make it believable. *facepalm*

  37. lolman said

    Agree with mrmonster

  38. Comedyninja said

    Haha great. Just great.

    Don’t think that delaying it will make the game any better. Remember how they spent 2 years taking features out of Spore itself? Yeah, well, here we go again.

    *blows up EA*

  39. Owen said

    AGAIN!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I was at WAR the first delay,Now a NOTHER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Now its time for the BIG guns.BOMBS,MORE BOMBS,UHH…..EVEN MORE BOMBS!!!!!!!!!>:)

  40. MrL2020 said

    I thought may was too tough to bear but then they had too push to june GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!
    i think people should NOT have to wait that long the may delay was hard enough but JUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i really want to have the ability to get out of my spaceship before June 😡

    • Damien said

      Keep in mind we don’t know their reasons for the delay. It might have some serious problems.

      • MrL2020 said

        Right Maybe it has some major glitches that need to be fixed.still a long wait though but hopefully the wait will be worth it.

  41. Mike said

    Meh can’t you buy it at EA store ONLINE? hmm…. or is it like a demo verson… cause last week i saw galactic adventures at wal-mart once… was that a demo to? or was it like a fake box…

  42. sortareallypoed said

    kinda works for me i mean thats when school ends and i will have some time to make the money to get so im cool but when more delay and i will bust a nut i mean that would be just plane stupid and im already really mad that ea practicly destroyed spore by dumbing it down soo EA NERDS IF YOUR READING THIS BE FORWARNED THAT IF YOU DELAY THIS ONE MORE TIME I WILL TRACK YOU DOWN AND REPEATEDLY DING DONG DICH YOU AND URINATE ON YOUR FRONT PORCH WHEN ITS FREEZING COLD OUTSIDE SO YOU SLIP AND SLIDE ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!

  43. EAsucks said

    Theese fu**in’ A**holes

  44. Delaysuck said

    Delays really suck, but i guess when you hear it from EA it’s not a suprise, they’re false first release dates (possibly second and third) are not an abnormal happening, so when EA first publishes a game release date, expect real date 2-5 months later.

  45. Chosenoneknuckles said

    @ Nickmadkiller

    You do realise that if it was released now [or at its intended first release date], then the likelihood of patches being used to solely fix bugs and problems [that could’ve been dealt with had they of had a few more months] would be quite high?

    As you [ironically] said, patches should be for extra content as well as fixing bugs and problems. But the former is obviously the better one [for both sides].

    This delay can only be good, methinks.

  46. Enthernaler said

    EA SUCKS LIKE HELL and evry human in the world knows it,we should do something,but their probably still fixing bugs,do you want bugs?like when you want to go down to the planet,boom you die,and again and again,then you will curse EA because they didnt fix it,i say blame yourself because you dint give them time to fix it,ill wait 1 more week.

  47. sporeRocks said

    when is spore galactic adventures coming out in australia, please tell me the relese date for australia!!

  48. BananaFort said

    They’re delaying the game as long as possible so they can take out most of the features described in videos.

    • Twiffy said

      that’s bullcrap… the reason they took it out is cuz they didn’t have enough time dumbass… please just chill out and try to think logically, cuz i know most people don’t take the time to.

  49. Peacocktabby said

    WTF take out features, that’s horrible! :(((

    • Damien said

      They are probably just exaggerating. I don’t think they’d delay it just so they could get rid of all or most of the cool features in the videos. What would be the point? Why go through all that trouble to put features in just to take them out later? If they are going to take out a few features here and there, they will probably have a good reason, such as not being able to make it work, or it turning out to be something that most of the play testers don’t like, and base on that, probably most gamers.

  50. JDunn said

    hey punks if you hate EA than don’t play their games. Durp dee durp.
    also, is it really being released early in The US? WAAAHOOOO! GAH BLESS ‘MERICA!!! THENK YOU!

    • ballightning said

      I doubt that it will come much earlier in the US, dates are still very sketchy.

    • spore addidct said

      no its coming out early in Europe.stupid Europe with its french border and united kingdom and italians…….

      • ballightning said

        We do not know when it is coming out in Europe, until Maxis make an official annoucement, we can assume it isn’t coming out yet.

  51. Meh-man said


  52. sporeRocks said

    They better release it soon!! and in australia too!!

  53. austin said

    dang i would pay big bucks if it was out at the date they sed it would be

  54. austin said

    yea (i looked at ign and it say in march so who nows a solid date i am going to go nuts whit the exra mony i got waitin on it

  55. First off EA delayed it for no reason.Usually a delay causes more “pressure”in other ways makes gamers want it even MORE!It gets the word about the game in a way because people are going to spam on chats about how mad they are.But the problem is they delayed it 2 times.If they were going to do that they could’ve just advertised a lot MORE and actually have a better date.March was a good date at the time when I first started playing the Original Spore or in other words the actual Spore game.The reason it was is because March was very close to when I purchased the game.For a while I just played and never realized there were patches and even a expansion pack coming out.So I go on the site check it out.Well in 2 weeks I google “Spore Expansion Pack Release Date”.What do I fine..I fine this link talking about it has been delayed to June.I read on seeing it was delayed to May.So that is kinda gay.First off to this date”March 12th”there would be only a few days away!So now we have to wait …a couple more months.Well GOODLUCK everybody “you”out there in the unknown world.You might as well play checkers and play Medal of Honor Airborne because now we have to wait once again!


    • nate said

      no, EA doesn’t suck. If it did, why are you upset that the expansion is comming out late? if EA really did suck, why would you even care if Galactic Adventures was comming out in the first place?

  56. Dragan Drabic said

    GOd FUCKIN DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!1

  57. Dragan Drabic said

    Ea should stop jacking off

  58. midtown123 said

    EA really needs to stop delaying all of Maxis’s games! Sometimes I think thopugh, that if we rush maxis, they just delete the stuff they can’t figure out how to fix.

    • trackenstorm said


      • ballightning said

        Actually, the latest official spore video says its “Beaming down this Summer”. Therefore a delay.

        • trackenstorm said

          it video its not the news the person who made the video could of messed up the date any whay the Only whay to find out is to wait till march 17

  59. midtown123 said


  60. austin said

    think about this if they realease early it could have viruses or something but summer i mean cmon the main site says beemnig down this spring what gives

  61. SporeFan said

    I do understand the game needs to be cleared of any bugs the developers come across, but there obviously is a bit more to the delay than just bugs. Any developers as experienced as EA who can not correctly approximate the ammount of time it will take to clear up any bugs they may have come across fail at their job. The majority of EA’s delays have resulted, mostly, in LESS content and MORE bugs than what they ever notified us of previously before the delay.

    It is safe to assume, being the way EA is, that the delay can not be justified as a “bug-fix” since they have given us little to no reason to believe that the game had been in any way unstable; in fact, we were given quite the opposite impression due to the adjacent (march) release date as previously given to us. Since they refuse to explain WHY they delayed the game, I can pull nothing more from their lack of care other than the tension for the waiting time will create more hype, as it does with nearly every other game ever made and delayed, and it was not in any way done to help BETTER the game for its buyers. So for those of you who support the ‘delay’ cause, don’t get your hopes up for a better game than what it was intended to be pre-release date. ( EA fixes bug by deleting/removing content, never the other way around )

  62. Enthernaler said

    EA=DOWN ↓↓↓

    y there are going DOWN with those delays,maybe Antary will be the first and best game company for a long period again,EA=a little retarded…


  63. Kayix said

    KITTY WANT GALACTIC ADVENTURES NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously, it was supposed to come out today. RAAR!

  64. Ea Sucks said

    Fuck you EA!

  65. Soren2136 said



    and you know what really ticks me off!? EA is posting videos of them playing it while it runs smoothly, what do they have to do with it, that’s so important thay had to delay it till june!?

    dammit EA…

  66. First of all EA gave us a date that wasn’t correct.If they really had bugs and viruses wrong with the game then they could’ve told us.I doubt that is the reason why it is delayed.Usually if they delay it they are having trouble shipping the game into stores at the date or they are jacking off like a bunch of retards.But anyways EA sucks man IDC if I play there game every single I have of theres it usually has a glitch in it.Also they give me gay key codes for online play for my other games.So they can suck a dick.

  67. Also enough of the bull#(@ about there being bugs or viruses in the game.That is a load of bull *@*($*@* crap.Like Sorens said “and you know what really ticks me off!?EA is posting videos of them playing it while it runs smoothly,what do they have to do with it,that’s so important thay had to delay it till june!?

    Complete bull all you *@$holes that think that there is a bug in the system.THAT IS A LOAD OF CRAP!I can say this and I am willing to say it to you retards.Your just sucking up the gayest game company alive!Ubisoft and all the other companies are way better than EA.Heck just boycott the *@$**#@* EA company.All they do is suck up delays and give games with bad key codes and glitches.So screw them.

  68. Bobberto said

    After waiting this long, it BETTER be good. I just hope it doesnt get delayed ANY MORE THAN IT ALREADY HAS. Cause if it does, im going Hijack a rocket, fly my little rocket up, and then CRASH IT INTO THE EA BUILDING!!!!!! HAHHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHHAH!!!!!

    • Soren2136 said

      Trust me it won’t, you saw what happened to the original spore didn’t you?

      There going too “improve” it by making it more cartoony than it already is…

  69. Well this thread has almost died lol :o.

  70. Huntspire39 said

    They delayed it to get more anticipation, it’s a smart logic to get sells, and they want to test the game more for errors and glitches.

  71. Acty said


  72. Snappin said

    hey… they didnt delay it, the shops just didnt realise that it was in june, maxis and ea never said may, they said june

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