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Details for Spore Hero (Wii)

Posted by sporeadmin on March 10, 2009

Stephen Totilo from MTV Multiplay Blog spoke with Spore General Manager Lucy Bradshaw about Spore Hero for Wii. No screenshots or videos have been posted as of yet.

Last month in Las Vegas, I met with the general manager for EA’s “Spore” and “Sims” studio, Lucy Bradshaw, who talked to me, among other things, about how “Spore” for the Wii is taking shape.

Bradshaw said that this “Spore” for the Wii was built from the ground up. She described a game comprised of a significantly beefed-up version of “Spore”’s creature stage, served with a heavy helping of motion control.

The game brings the PC game’s full creature editor and procedural animation system, enabling gamers to assemble their beasts from a Potato-Head’s worth of parts. The mouse-driven interface of the editing tools in the PC game turns into a pointer-driven interface for the Wii.

Players have direct control of the lifeform they are shaping. Adding parts to the creature adds new motion-controlled maneuvers customized to the player’s creature. New parts, new controls. “That’s really fun to take advantage of,” Bradshaw said. “With the controls of the mouse, it’s point and click and you do feel a distance. Now we’re in there and it’s just really fun as you gain new abilities.” She suggested that dancing and singing were just some classic “Spore” behaviors that would be more fun driven by a Wii remote than by the click of a computer mouse.

Read the full interview here.


4 Responses to “Details for Spore Hero (Wii)”

  1. Chosenoneknuckles said

    It sounds awesome to me, very glad they’ve kept the creator[s?] seemingly intact and that they are focusing on one of the better but less fulfilled potential phrases from the original [at least comparing it to prior game demos]. The Space phrase would’ve been very small and restrictive, and the doing missions for other creatures looks to be in here in some form nevertheless. Even if its just solely the Creature phrase, then this should utilize that phrase better [in theory].

    Although the singing and other things could easily be reworked to something akin to the Tribal stage too perhaps.

    Definitely keeping an eye on this one – can’t wait for some screens & videos!

  2. sporeadmin said

    It does look interesting, once theres screenshots/videos i’ll post them up straight away.

  3. Chosenoneknuckles said

    And also, whilst this sounds awesome [they better do it!]:

    As for the controls, she said that the team is “taking a look” at the Motion Plus option for even better Wii motion-sensitivity than what is available directly out of the box

    … This does not bode well:

    And even stylistically, when you see the game, you’ll go, ‘Oh yeah, that’s definitely a Nintendo Wii game.’”

    Colourful and ‘kiddy’ visuals I don’t mind, but this better be one of the better looking Wii games and not alike the recent Dead Rising port… -_-

  4. primadog said

    That’s really disappointing to hear! I was really looking forward to the huge wealth of spore creatures to be utilized in more universes.

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