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BetterSpore 1.5 Release

Posted by ballightning on March 14, 2009

Well BetterSpore 1.5 is finally here! Hope you enjoy and make sure you read the instructions on how to install BetterSpore safely. We apologize for not including the parts we made, however they were not up to our standards, and we will continue to work on them and we will have more info on that soon.

BetterSpore Homepage

BetterSpore Forum


What is BetterSpore?

BetterSpore is a community made mod which improves many aspects of Spore. There are many features in this mod all of which are optional. This is not a Maxis made mod, it is made by the community using SporeMaster, and will be used at your own risk, we describe later on how to minimize problems. We have extensively tested BetterSpore on a variety of spore gaming platforms, and we have reduced out many of the problems. Go to the Bugs page to see all the current know bugs, and to post new ones. 




1.5 is a overhaul of the old BetterSpore with many new features, here are the highlights:


          46 New Parts


          Over 20 new space tools


          Overhaul of the Creature and Space stages


          Changes to the Tribal  and Civilization stage


          A complete GUI (Graphics User Interface) change


For more on these features download and read the Readme.


Mod Links

 – SporeMods – The community for modding
 – How to install mods
 – Sporemaster – Start your own mod today
 – The Spore Mod Index – With over 80 mods!
 – How to mod spore – basics
 – Other modding tutorials
 – Better Spore Preview: New Parts
 – Better Spore 1.5 Trailer


 – Ball Lightning (Better Spore Team Leader)
 – Virakotxa (Lead Part Developer)
 – Mettra (Part Developer/Part Code)
 – Xerox262 (Space Tools Code)
 – Dark Dragon (Editors Coder)
 – Nineballfool (Creature Coder)
 – Odistant (Civilization Coder/Artifact Coder))
 – God (General Programmer)
 – Ahvena (Team Member)
 – Rotto (Team Member)
 – BoyMac (Alpha Tester)


Ball Lightning/FutureFilms


14 Responses to “BetterSpore 1.5 Release”

  1. […] Sporedum has informed me that their latest project, BetterSpore 1.5 has successfully been released to the public!  What is BetterSpore, you ask?  It’s a huge mod that was created by various Spore fans of the community to help turn Spore into a more enjoyable game.  Version 1.5 brings 46 new parts, over 20 new space tools, overhaul of the Creature and Space stages, changes to the Tribal and Civilization stage and a new GUI!  Check out the official BetterSpore website to download your copy today! […]

  2. Someguy said

    It doesn’t work for me. Could the issue be that my game is a Dutch version?

  3. Enthernaler said

    so you could now stop developing and removing bugs from BS(Better Spore)and try to make more versions in some other languages,but that will be in the future…

  4. Empocariam said

    Will we still be able to get achievements after installing this mod.

  5. Hitsu123 said

    Umm.. I found a bug. I was playing on a previous save game. I began to collect parts to see if it works, and it stopped showing the collected part sign on the left of the screen. I kept collecting and it would only show it for eye/face parts. When I mated and went into the creator, the unknown collected parts were there. Also, none of the “new” parts ever showed, and only 2 grox parts showed. One was that helmet thingy and the other, I can’t remember, but it is the one with the yellow light and is kind of like a rectangle.
    NOTE: This was on a save that was made BEFORE I installed BetterSpore 1.5..

    • ballightning said

      Well it is most likely a problem due to you playing an old save. Many things may go wrong when that happens which is why we strongly advise to start a new game.

  6. tyranitar286 said

    Ok i’m just wondering i tried the creature editor out of game i increased the size it was really large but there were no grox parts or new parts do these parts only appear in the in game editors? cuz… i installed everything correctly trust me.

  7. tyranitar286 said

    I havent tried playing a new game yet though

  8. […] Sporedum has informed us that their latest project, BetterSpore 1.5 has been released to the public!  So what is this BetterSpore?  It’s a huge mod that was created by various Spore fans of the community to help turn Spore into a more enjoyable game.  Version 1.5.0 brings 46 new parts, over 20 new space tools, overhaul of the Creature and Space stages, changes to the Tribal and Civilization stage and a new GUI!  Check out the official BetterSpore website to download the mod today! […]

  9. After reading through the article, I feel that I really need more info. Can you share some more resources please?

  10. Aeblemand said

    Please help me, i downloaded it via steam … It doesnt work for me, i put the Better Spore into the Data folder but still it doesnt work please help 😦

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