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BetterSpore Contents

Posted by ballightning on March 16, 2009

Many of you have been asking us what exactly is in BetterSpore before you download it. So we have released the full details of what this mod does below. We hope you enjoy and make sure you check the BetterSpore page for links to the downloads.

BetterSpore is divided into 3 main categories, each with a separate package. There are also other packages  for you to choose from. You get to choose what you want in your game. You can use any of these packages with each other, they are all compatible. 

  •  BetterSpore Gameplay – This contains all the gameplay changes, there are no new weapons or parts.
  •  BetterSpore Parts – This contains all the new parts, it also contains some small changes to the editor.  A tutorial on how to use ForceSave is in part 5 of the readme.
  •  BetterSpore Tools – This contains all the new tools and changes to the old tools.

There are also 2 none-gamplay packages, use them if you want.

  •  BetterSpore In-game guide – Install this mod to get the in game guide for all the info on tools/parts/gameplay changes. Installation of this package is highly recommended.
  •  BetterSpore Graphics – This contains the new GUI (Graphics User Interface). This package has no gameplay changes, and just changes the graphics of Spore. Installation of this package is highly recommended.


There will also be some optional mods which you can use with the ones above.

  •  BetterSpore Intro Movie – This will disable the intro movie.
  •  BetterSpore Improved Complexity (2,5,10 or 100 – Use one) – This will increase the complexity in the editors by however much your package is. Use only one of these.


So what do all these packages contain? Here is the full list:



BetterSpore Gameplay Package

Creature Stage:
  • Longer Creature Stage, requires more DNA for each brain level.
  • No more annoying sea monster
  • Have up to 8 epics in each game.
  • Epic creatures health is now 350.
  • Epics do 50% less damage.
  • All nest creatures now have a base amount of hitpoints 40….alpha’s are 50…babies are 20.
  • The amount of all creatures per nest has been increased to 10.
  • There are now 3-4 Alpha Creatures per nest.
  • There are many more roaming creatures then before.
  • The amount of creatures needed to get the hunt bonus has been increased to 8 and the bonus is 50 DNA points.
  • The amount of creatures needed to get the social/ally bonus has been increased to 6 and the bonus is 50 DNA points.
  • Rogues now travel in packs of 10…they even have babies!
  • You now must kill 4 rogues of the same type to get a 400 point DNA bonus.
  • Includes Ahvena’s Fireball Spit mod. 
Tribal Stage:
  • Increases health points for the tribal hut.
  • Starting food is set to 30 instead of 15.
  • You can now have more tribal members.
Civilization Stage:
  • Slightly more money from spice mines.
  • 20 new Civilization Names
  • Increased the vehicle cap to 60.
  • Tribes are now closer to cities.
  • Tribes give you more money once you destroy it.
  • Building’s health has been increased slightly.
  • All vehicles now cost slightly more.
Space Stage:
  • It now takes longer to get the high end badges (Eco Hero badge is now easier to get).
  • Base of 8 spice stored per colony.
  • Reduce the amount spice is worth on hard difficulty.
  • Tools cost more on hard and less on easy difficulty.
  • Money dropped from ships is worth more.
  • Enemy ships now have more health.
  • Ally ships now have more health.
  • Cost more to repair and recharge.
  • Your home world produces more spice.
  • Costs more to buy up solar systems.
  • Now have up to 8 trade routes.
  • Have up to 8 planets in a solar system.
  • More chance of a barren planet then T1-3 compared to the original game.
  • Abduct from higher up, so you don’t have to keep going lower.
  • More buildings and Turrets on T1 and T2 planets.
  • Turrets are better defenders.
  • Less attacks, less disasters.
  • Now up to 3 artefacts per planet.
  • Now as you gain badges you get more cargo storage slots.
  • Grox Reachable mod is now included in this mod.

BetterSpore Parts Package

  • Make creature parts larger or smaller than ever before.
  • Creature Editor includes a new tab, called BetterSpore, which contains all the hidden grox and cell parts.
  • The parts we made ourselves are not included in this version as they did not live up to our expectations.. yet. 
36 Cell parts:
  • 4 new Omnivorous mouths
  • 4 new Herbivorous mouths
  • 4 new carnivore mouths
  • 4 new flippers
  • 4 new tails
  • 4 new jets
  • 4 new eyes
  • 4 new Poison shooters
  • 4 new electric shockers
  • 4 new spikes
10 new grox parts

BetterSpore Tools Package

Changes to old tools (Space Stage):
  • Interstellar Drives have been increased slightly.
  • All the items which you place (eg colonies, spice storage, uber turret etc) now do not need to be bought multiply times, but instead cost sporebucks everytime you use it.
  • A collection of rare items have had there prices increase by over 500%.
New Tools:

  • Ultra Cargo Hold – Get more Cargo!
  • Ultra Energy Storage – Get that extra energy for long trips!
  • Ultra Health Upgrade – Extra health for taking on the Grox.
  • Ultra Laser – A more powerful Laser
  • Ultra Proton Missile – A more powerful proton missile.
  • Ultra Bomb – A more poweful bomb.
  • Ultra Pulse – A more poweful pulse.
  • Interstellar Drive 6 – Travel further then ever before.
  • Wand of Life – Did i hear this right.. A rechargable Staff of Life?
  • Nuclear Death Cloud – Who doesn’t like nuclear clouds?
  • Xionic Singularity Missiles – Missiles of Doom…
  • Uber Missiles – The best protection you can have.
  • Mega Dud – A dud… but mega.
  • Plasma Inferno Napalm – Napalm missiles, but with deadly plasma!
  • Black Cloud – Black and evil…
  • SSD Flak Cannon – Use your scrap metal
  • SkyWriter – Write in the sky, comes in 6 colours (none permanent marker.. Washes away when leaving a planet)
  • Epic Warz – The Grox run from this… (note: this isn’t working properly, advised not to use/buy)
  • Nuclear Chaingun – Need to kill stuff? Having a hard time with those pesky Grox? Then get the Nuclear Chaingun!
  • Orbs of Doom – Delayed death… of doom.
  • Ecodisaster – Why not start your own ecodisasters on your enimies planets?
  • Xionic Apocalypse Device – THE best weapon of the game (especially graphically).

10 Responses to “BetterSpore Contents”

  1. […] Want to know exactly what this mod does? We have whats in BetterSpore on our blog here: BetterSpore Contents Sporedum […]

  2. ConnorJack said

    Can I install this without adding the new parts

  3. austin said

    well this is anying the orbs of doom delay then go boom and lines cross my screen and its froze…..

  4. Stuart said

    What is the Xionic Apocalypse Device?

  5. Bionicle2809 said

    Could you possibly post pictures/video’s of what each space item does?

  6. wants a :D not a :( said

    Do you have a thing where you can inflate the wing body parts WAY bigger? the dragon wing looks like it belongs to a 2 month year old, and could you increase the effectivness of some inferior parts? like the hockit launcher doing more dmg then a superior part? thatd be cool

    • Oldewindmill said

      Yeah, but the thing with the Hockit launcher is that it’s sort of SUPPOSED to be inferior… they intend you to replace it with a better spit part later. but yeah, the thing with the wings have always bugged me, to the point where I hack it to make it bigger.

  7. killapenguin said

    wheirs the link to the parts and tools pakage?

  8. Dakota said

    Um will this harm my computer.

  9. I read this article fully concerning the resemblance of hottest and previous technologies, it’s remarkable article.

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