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BetterSpore v1.5.1 Release

Posted by ballightning on March 22, 2009

Hello fellow spore lovers. Sadly I have moved on from this game. However you can still follow my work over at youtube! I currently am focused on Minecraft, and in particular, Minecraft Cinematics.


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We have had a massive amount of feedback from last weekend when we released BetterSpore 1.5.0. Much of it was positive, but with any game or mod there are bugs, and we have done our best to get rid of all the bugs we can. For some of the bugs in BetterSpore, we could not fix them as it was a game issue which came from having the mod. These are issues like the ones in the tribal stage where you can’t get food. This is why we have made 4 version of the Gameplay package.

– BetterSpore Gameplay – This contains all the gameplay changes, there are no new weapons or parts.

– BetterSpore Gameplay NoCreature – This removes all gameplay changes to the creature stage.

– BetterSpore Gameplay NoTribal – This removes all gameplay changes to the tribal stage.

– BetterSpore Gameplay NoCreatureAndTribal – This removes all gameplay changes to the creature and tribal stage.


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With 1.5.1, just replace your old package files with the new ones. Read the readme for more info.


Full change log:

Changes to the gameplay package:

– Nest creatures base hitpoints is now set to 25, 32 for alphas and 15 for babies

– 5 creatures per nest

– 5 needed for hunt bonus

– 4 needed for socalize bonus

– Rogues base hitpoints is now set to 125 and 62 for babies

– 4 creatures per pack

– 4 needed for hunt

– 3 needed for socialize

– 2 epics per pack, which allows for a total of 4 epics

Changes to the tools package:

– Fixed EPICWARZ bug, you should now be able to buy it normally

Changes to the parts package:

– Now when playing Cell2Creature, all parts cost 25 DNA points, and you have 180 to spend.

– Fixed a few issues with parts in the Creature Editor

– Changed a few balance issues with what parts give you

Changes to Other packages:

– Fixed main screen bug for Graphics package

– Updated Guide package


45 Responses to “BetterSpore v1.5.1 Release”

  1. drakraseri said

    i can still not buy the EPIC WARZ =( … first thing i was gonna try =P

  2. plateo vs spino said

    Pretty Cool.

  3. sonicdude98 (shade10247 on SporeMods) said

    THANK YOU!!!! You even fixed things I did not mention.

  4. austin said

    umm i cant buy epic wars still ether

  5. ballightning said

    I’ve realized that it is still a problem. I’ll try to get a fix up soon.

  6. adouchebag said

    Well I downloaded this mod yesterday and tried it out, and I have to say I hated the new Creature stage. Just because of the nest creature’s buff. I was trying to play a Diplomat (2 green and 2 blue), so after being an herbivore in cell I needed to be adaptable in creature. So that meant I basically had to be a predator in Creature, for the majority at least. So I go looking for the first nest, and I’m greeted by creatures with 5 or 10 more HP than me. Needless to say, there wasn’t much I could do–I was able to kill the regulars and the babies, but definitely not the alphas–and to kill the normals I could fight one, barely survive, and then retreat and heal. Basically, the mod forces you to befriend creatures early on, until probably at least 50%–which I couldn’t even get to. If you happen to get too close to a hostile nest, they come after you and there’s really no way to survive or beat them if they REALLY want to kill you.

    I like what you tried to do here but I think the base HP of nests should go back to default, the buff they got makes it too hard to fight and survive–it makes it frustrating. Or at least buff MY HP to match theirs. I got tired of dying and installed the gameplay without creatures package. Everything else was fine, but my chosen play style for that game didn’t match–anyone who needs to do a lot of fighting in Creature will find it very difficult to do so.

  7. krodin said

    err the download isent up

  8. PreLynMax said

    I have to agree with Adouchebag… I think the HP’s should go back to default. Fighting in the Creature stage is near impossible.

  9. xylite said

    i cant see creatures while in space stage and it kinda aggrivates me

  10. a game addict said

    umm i tryed buying epic wars on an old file that used older mod would that have anything to do with the no working problemo

  11. aaaaa9 said

    what is epic wars?

  12. aaaaa9 said

    I have not donloaded the mod because I have not figered out how to download it yet

  13. bry said

    umm what is epic wars exactly?

  14. Fenrir890 said

    I have to say, there are both Pros and Cons here. I think I will start with the bugs though. I won’t even go into the epic war issue, as it has been beaten like a dead horse. There is one thing I feel i should note though, items like the colony incredi-pack are now kind of infinite. Once you buy them, it works like a weapon does. It just recharges, and bam it is set. My recomendation is, since you had the issue with constant money draining before, is just set it back to how it used to be. Also, there is the issue with the tribe returning food back to the shrine. While I have no clue what may be causing this, again, setting the food retrieval back to default, or something mirroring default for it, would be nice. Also, since I am on the Tribal bit, you may want to decrease the amount of health the huts have. 3000 becomes a bit of an issue when you are trying to attack at the beginning, and unless you have all your tribe over there, it takes a long time. BUT, having the tribe over there results in food being stolen, making it hard to get more food because of the above mentioned glitch.

    Now then, going into creature work, I think you may want to set the health growth for enemy creatures back to default. That, or find a nice midpoint.The combat, as mentioned by others, is almost impossible without summon flock or some allies.

    Anyways, I absolutely love the modifications to space stage, and I especially adore the Xionic Omega Device, and Nuclear chaingun. I just can’t wait to see Epic Warz and try it out on the grox themselves. Oh, and what is this Staff of Apocalypse mentioned in the XOD’s definition? Was it some kind of reverse wand of life you scrapped?

  15. Nikos said

    Can you make please better spore 1.6 with fixed GUI? PLEASE!!!!!

  16. Salkin said

    Very sweet mod but im not sure if the Xionic Omega Device is working properly when I use it it creates a nice explosion, a sizeable crater, and everything is destroyed (including relics) but it dosn’t make much sense because the explosion is not that big

  17. Stuart said

    What is EPIC WARZ?

  18. marc said

    Guy’s what do i press to Download it please help

  19. Shrooblord said

    The Better Spore Force Save Hack is incompatible with the new Better Spore. It keeps saying “Is the game running?” and pressing ‘Hack’ won’t do anything. I have also tried downloading the newest version, but with no results.

    Besides that your new mod is great!

    • all_time_low_ftw said

      I have the same problem and its really anoying cause the parts is really the only things i use from this. plz fix if possible!

  20. Mike Spree said

    Is it just me? Or does the mod apply only to the AI? (at least, in the creature and tribal stage. Haven’t gotten to Civ stage with this mod because it’s too frustrating for me)

    In creature, I start with 10 HP while the creatures around my nest start with 50 HP (WTF?!).

    In tribal, I start with a population cap of 6 while the other tribes start with 24 (again, WTF?!).

  21. Iskander said

    I cant cheat

  22. Viltord said

    I did read a bug, what is very important to fix it:
    “Creatures will not be featured on Spore.com with the parts package installed, also if you use any of the new parts, your creature will not upload to the sporepedia.”
    I wish fix it, could be share the creatures with the new parts too! Thank you. I think that can be in BetterSpore 1.6.

  23. kim said

    ok, this may not be the right place to ask this, but i’ve been searching everywhere and am totally stuck. we have spore galactic edition and installed better spore- when we open it the opening video still plays and the changes dont seem to have taken effect, even though it’s green around the edges and says better spore 1.5.1. my son really wanted the grox parts- and there is one extra page of parts, but that’s it. i keep uninstalling and re-installing and can’t figure it out. also we can’t get the editor hack to save the modified creatures. i know i am a novice but we really need help, thanks so much to anyone who can offer advice!!!

  24. 2fast(313) said

    do you have any othwr mods kim

  25. eiy said

    I just installed this mod (I have both expansion pack as well as the patch). According to the description here, as well as the guide, the Creature stage should now require 4 for social bonus and 5 for hunt bonus. However, for me, it required 6 for social and 8 for hunt. Since the nest only has 5 creatures, I am guaranteed not to be able to get the bonus with 1 nest.

    Is this a bug?

  26. firedemon7 said

    What the flips the guide?

  27. Egoist007 said

    Exuse me, where i can offer some ideas about mode for galactic adventures?

  28. Maretocks said

    I have the same problem as Tobias. There is only one page with the cell parts in the “BetterSpore” tab.

    P.S-How do I know which complexity package to install? Is it based on the files you add?

  29. Dakota said

    Ok I have not downloaded it I know how to do it but I am not sure if I should.

  30. Dakota>..> said


  31. Dakota see you tomorrow! said


  32. Dakota said

    That was all me I was bored sorry its just I have been playing spore and waiting I am scared to download this mod because I don’t know if it could damage my computer.

  33. TheUltraCool said

    Whenever I attack another tribe on tribal stage it crashes instantly.

  34. Phillip said

    Excuse me but I really want to download BetterSpore but apparently sporedum has shut down, look for yourself, google sporedum.

  35. Phillip said

    I meant that the link is broken, just ignore what i just said.

  36. Emil said

    Any know where I can find the download? As I can’t enter sporedum in anyway, says page is down.

  37. Emil said

    Wait.. Ignore that one… What I meant is that the link don’t work, and sends me to a page that does not work.

  38. This is a topic which is near to my heart… Thank you! Where
    are your contact details though?

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