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SporeDay: Galactic Adventures Community Interview

Posted by ballightning on March 25, 2009

Last week maxis asked people over at the forums to ask questions about the Spore Expansion: Galactic Adventures. This covered a wide range of questions, including ones about missions, how it integrates, and how it will all work with the sporepedia. They have now released the answers in this thread over at the official forums. Here are some of the most important points below, as the read is a long one and we shortened it for you.

Read the full interview

General Mission Questions 

  • 2 types of ways to play missions, Quick play from the main menu, or through the space stage.
  • Quick play missions have 3 trophies (1st, 2nd and 3rd) for the best score, however if someone else beats you later on, then you loose the tropy.
  • Both options will award you “Spore Points”, which will allow you to buy new equipment for your captain.
  • In the space stage you will get a mission by flying to another empire, which will then direct you to an adventure planet.
  • There is no flora editor, however there are over 300 pre-made plants.
  • There are many different goals you can set for your missions. You can kill, befriend, talk, move to, hold, give, collect, bring, block and protect. Some goals, like bring, require two objects (for instance, “Bring Magic Wand to Frog”). Some goals have counters that you can set (for instance, “Kill 10 Oogies” or “Collect 99 Gems”). 
  • You can have 24 missions per adventure. There are 3 missions in each act, and you can now have 8 acts (up from 5).
  • Each object in your world can have up to 5 “pages” of text per act, and there can be up to 8 acts. A page can contain about 100 characters. Text is not limited to creatures, but can be attached to any object (rocks, buildings, trees, etc.). Text also appears when an adventure starts, during each act, and when the adventure ends (both win and fail text can be written). There is no branching text or dialog trees.
  • There are two types of triggers in GA: Act and AI.

“An act switch is triggered whenever the player completes all the goals in an act. During an act switch you can hide/show objects, change creature/vehicle behaviors, and make new speech text appear. 
AI triggers can be set using the advanced AI. Advanced AI is used to control creatures and the system is very flexible. For instance, you can tell a creature to attack only when it is carrying a red key. Or make it dance only when the player is nearby. These individual behaviors can be combined in hundreds of ways and we look forward to see the creative ways that the community will use this powerful feature. “

  • Missions can be failed, by dying, having a goal fail or having a some event happen (you kill the main character etc)
  • The complexity limit will allow you to have up to 100 creatures on a planet.


Mission Specifics 

  • You can place buildings and boats on water.
  • Text is not limited to creatures. You can attach it to scrolls, rocks, buildings, or vehicles, too. For instance, when the player clicks on a scroll they might see the text, “I’m waiting for you behind the tavern. Come at once!”. 
  • You cannot create cut scenes, however there are automatic cut scenes that appear when you beam down, win or fail an adventure. When you talk to creatures there is also a special cut scene. 
  • You cannot create underwater missions.
  • You can place creations from the building editor anywhere, even within each other!
  • You cannot link different adventures together, but you can make separate ones, which are linked by a sporecast.
  • You cannot drive vehicles, however you can piggy back on a pre-programmed one, or even take a ride on the back of an epic!
  • The eight new weapons are energy claws, lightning sword, pulse rifle, missile launcher, poison blade, summon swarm, freeze and mind meld. 
  • You can set a vehicle to be “stationary” and it will remain in one place. You can also do the opposite trick and use buildings to make things that look like vehicles.
  • You can have up to 3 posse members.
  • As a creator, you can choose whether it will be an open mission (players choose the captain), or one where you have to use a specific captain (this is for Quick play games only).
  • You can destroy buildings.
  • You can kill a character that you need to talk to, but an adventure fails instantly as soon as a goal can’t be satisfied. 
  • There is no way to add your own music, but GA includes over 150 sounds (including music, sound effects, and ambient noises). 
  • You can set the weather to be whatever you want.
  • In Space you can’t colonize adventure planets, so the terra score is irrelevant. 
  • You can’t use the earth planet that appears in Space, but using the terrain tools you can make a close approximation. 
  • Lightning, meteor shower, ice geysers and fire jets can all be toggled off and on. 
  •  There are 32 new accessories for your space Captain. Each accessory gives your Captain a special ability (like a shield generator, stealth, or missile launcher). 


Integration with Space and other games 

  • All your creature’s abilities transfer over into adventures.
  • Cell through Civ remain the same. 
  • You can only beamed down to adventure planets. 


Community/Online features 

“If the player doesn’t have a required asset then it willl be downloaded automatically from the server. If the object doesn’t exist on the server (or the player has banned it) then a substitute object takes its spot. In this case the player can still play the adventure, but cannot collect Adventure Points for it and will not be ranked on the leaderboards. “

  • A player can ban an entire adventure and it will be removed from his or her galaxy. 
  • You can have sporecast missions.

Read the full Interview


3 Responses to “SporeDay: Galactic Adventures Community Interview”

  1. Chosenoneknuckles said

    I can’t wait to make some ‘Museum’ planets personally – tis the perfect creature showcase!

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  3. iceman said

    i cant wait to buy it eiather even though you can drive vechicles you can make creatues talk which will be fun

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